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Sunday, November 5
Arianespace poised to launch Vega with MOHAMMED VI–A satellite
SpaceFlight Insider — 8:05 am ET (1305 GMT)
Successful final tests of the D-Star One small satellite
SpaceFlight Insider — 8:05 am ET (1305 GMT)
Long March 3B returns with dual Beidou-3 mission — 8:04 am ET (1304 GMT)
Astronomers Decipher a Black Hole Jet
Sky & Telescope — 7:54 am ET (1254 GMT)

Saturday, November 4
Monster planet discovery challenges formation theory
Queen's University Belfast — 6:17 pm ET (2217 GMT)
Team set to study evaporating atmospheres of 'hot Jupiters'
Univ. of Colorado — 6:16 pm ET (2216 GMT)
Saturn's Radiation Belts: A Stranger to the Solar Wind
Max-Planck-Institut — 4:31 pm ET (2031 GMT)
Las Cumbres Observatory Launches Global Education Program
Las Cumbres Observatory — 4:30 pm ET (2030 GMT)
Minor Merger Kicks Supermassive Black Hole into High Gear
Subaru Telescope — 4:28 pm ET (2028 GMT)
Wolszczan awarded Bohdan Paczynski Medal
Penn State Univ. — 4:27 pm ET (2027 GMT)
Giant Magellan Telescope Organization Casts Fifth Mirror
Giant Magellan Telescope — 3:39 pm ET (1939 GMT)

news in brief
FCC chairman endorses SpaceX satellite constellation
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:29 PM ET (2329 GMT)

Soyuz launches Progress after delay
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:27 PM ET (2327 GMT)

NASA budget proposal seeks to cancel WFIRST
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:20 PM ET (2320 GMT)

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Saturday, February 24
AAS Names Debra Fischer as Kavli Foundation Plenary Lecturer
American Astronomical Society — 9:42 am ET (1442 GMT)

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