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China launches Earth observation satellite
Posted: Tue, Aug 19 9:09 AM ET (1309 GMT)
Long March 4B launch of Gaofen-2 (Xinhua) A Long March rocket placed an Earth observation satellite into orbit for China on Tuesday. The Long March 4B rocket lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 11:15 pm EDT Monday (0315 GMT, 11:15 am Beijing time Tuesday) carrying the Gaofen-2 satellite. The spacecraft is described by Chinese media as a high-resolution Earth observation satellite, capable of taking images with a resolution of one meter. The spacecraft will be used for civil applications, according to official accounts. The rocket included as a secondary payload the BRITE-PL-2, a Polish astronomy nanosatellite. The launch is the second by China in less than two weeks, after a hiatus of more than four months.

China launches first satellite in four months
Posted: Sat, Aug 9 8:58 AM ET (1258 GMT)
Long March 4C launch of Yaogan 20 (Xinhua) A Long March rocket launched what Chinese officials called a remote sensing satellite on Saturday. The Long March 4C rocket lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 1:45 am EDT (0545 GMT, 1:45 pm Beijing time) Saturday and placed the Yaogan 20 satellite into orbit. The satellite, according to official Chinese media, will be used for remote sensing applications and scientific experiments. Some outside observers, though, believe the the payload is a three-satellite system that will be used to monitor naval activity, similar to the American NOSS system. The launch was the first orbital launch by China since late March.

Long March launches Chinese satellite
Posted: Mon, Mar 31 2:10 PM ET (1810 GMT)
A Long March rocket placed what Chinese officials said was an experimental satellite into orbit on Monday. The Long March 2C rocket lifted off from...

Yutu rover awakes from dormancy but with continued technical problems
Posted: Mon, Mar 17 5:50 AM ET (0950 GMT)
China's Yutu lunar rover awoke late last week still suffering from the same mechanical problems that have plagued the rover since January, Chinese officials...

China: "control circuit" failure on Yutu keeps rover from moving
Posted: Tue, Mar 4 5:13 AM ET (1013 GMT)
Chinese officials said the malfunction of a "control circuit" on its first lunar rover, Yutu, is keeping the rover from moving. The failed circuit in...

Wednesday, August 20
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Tuesday, August 19
China launches HD Earth observation satellite
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Sunday, August 17
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Wednesday, August 13

Tuesday, August 12
Chinese surveillance satellites launched into orbit
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Rocket scientist becomes deputy governor of Zhejiang
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Monday, August 11
More Tasks for China's Moon Mission
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No Case for a U.S.-China Space Race
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