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H-2A launches Japanese reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Sun, Feb 1 8:09 AM ET (1309 GMT)
A Japanese H-2A rocket launched a spare reconnaissance satellite Sunday. The H-2A lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center at 8:21 pm EST Saturday (0121 GMT, 10:21 am local time Sunday) and placed an Information Gathering Satellite (IGS) into orbit. The spacecraft will serve as an on-orbit spare for the existing family of radar IGS spacecraft. The launch was scheduled for Thursday but postponed by poor weather as the launch site.

Delta 2 launches SMAP
Posted: Sat, Jan 31 12:03 PM ET (1703 GMT)
Delta 2 launch of SMAP (NASA) A Delta 2 rocket successfully placed a NASA Earth sciences satellite into orbit Saturday morning. The Delta 2 7320 lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, at 6:22 am PST (9:22 am EST, 14022 GMT) Saturday. Its primary payload, the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite, separated from the rocket's upper stage nearly one hour later, entering a sun-synchronous orbit. The launch was scheduled for Thursday but postposed by gusty upper-level winds, and a Friday attempt was delayed to make minor repairs to the rocket. Upper-levels winds were also high Saturday morning, but subsided in time for the launch. The Delta 2 also deployed four CubeSat-class satellites after the release of SMAP. The SMAP spacecraft is designed to provide global measurements of soil measure for weather, climate, and related Earth science applications.

Revised analysis rules out detection of gravitational waves
Posted: Sat, Jan 31 8:09 AM ET (1309 GMT)
A joint analysis of data from a groundbased telescope and a European spacecraft has ruled out the detection of primordial gravitational waves that a team...

Delta 2 SMAP launch postponed to Saturday
Posted: Fri, Jan 30 6:19 AM ET (1119 GMT)
After a one-day delay due to weather, NASA and United Launch Alliance have delayed the Delta 2 launch of an Earth sciences satellite an...

Air Forces cancels competition for EELV-class launch
Posted: Fri, Jan 30 6:10 AM ET (1110 GMT)
The US Air Force canceled a competition between SpaceX and United Launch Alliance for the launch of a classified satellite this week, awarding the launch...

Sunday, February 1
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Life evolved after planets formed
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ULA staying in Harlingen
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Japan launches backup intelligence satellite
Xinhua — 7:29 am ET (1229 GMT)
Japanese H-IIA launches with IGS spy satellite — 7:26 am ET (1226 GMT)
ILS Proton M ready for Inmarsat-5 F-2 launch — 7:25 am ET (1225 GMT)
H-2A rocket boosts Japanese radar spy satellite into orbit
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Europe’s re-entry demonstrator mated to Vega rocket
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NASA launches climate research satellite
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Japan Successfully Launches New Spy Satellite
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Soil-moisture Spacecraft Orbited from Vandenberg
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Saturday, January 31
NASA’s SMAP Mission Launches
Space News — 6:41 pm ET (2341 GMT)
Delta 2 rises to occasion with SMAP observatory
Spaceflight Now — 6:17 pm ET (2317 GMT)

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