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Wednesday, August 23
Mars Fakers: Can we learn anything by pretending?
Air & Space — 6:44 am ET (1044 GMT)
Nighttime Snowstorms May Swirl Across Mars — 5:57 am ET (0957 GMT)

Tuesday, August 22
Mars has nighttime snow storms
Science News — 7:00 am ET (1100 GMT)
It snows on Mars at night
Cosmos Magazine — 6:58 am ET (1058 GMT)
It could be snowing on Mars right now
New Scientist — 6:40 am ET (1040 GMT)
Martian weather kicks into high gear at night
Nature News — 6:40 am ET (1040 GMT)
Nighttime forecast for Mars: Bursts of rapidly falling snow
Los Angeles Times — 6:37 am ET (1037 GMT)

Friday, August 18

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