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Sunday, January 14
Steep Slopes on Mars Reveal Structure of Buried Ice
NASA/JPL — 7:11 am ET (1211 GMT)

Saturday, January 13
If We Ever Get to Mars, the Beer Might Not Be Bad
New York Times — 7:54 am ET (1254 GMT)
Some Plants Grow Well in Martian Soil
Sky & Telescope — 7:39 am ET (1239 GMT)
Vast Sheets of Ice Have Been Found on Mars
Seeker — 7:25 am ET (1225 GMT)

Friday, January 12
Huge Water Reserves Found All Over Mars
National Geographic — 3:44 am ET (0844 GMT)
Large sheets of ice may have been spotted on Mars
Ars Technica — 3:37 am ET (0837 GMT)
Scientist's Work May Provide Answer to Martian Mountain Mystery
Univ. of Texas at Dallas — 3:29 am ET (0829 GMT)

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