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Scientists detect evidence of liquid water on Mars
Posted: Fri, Oct 2 12:06 PM ET (1606 GMT)
Recurring slope lineae on Mars (NASA) Scientists said this week that they have detected evidence of temporary, periodic flows of liquid water on the surface of Mars, increasing the chances that the planet could still be hospitable to life today. In a paper published in Nature Geoscience and announced at a NASA press conference, scientists said they detected hydrated salts in dark streaks occasionally seen on the sides of craters on the planet. Those salts, scientists said, most likely formed in the presence of at least trace amounts of liquid water that formed those streaks. The discovery adds to the evidence that Mars was once a more hopsitable world, and could still possibly support life beneath its surface. The water could also be a resource for future astronauts, although planetary protection concerns may make if difficult for future robotic or human missions to study the streaks.

ExoMars launch postponed to March
Posted: Sat, Sep 26 9:36 AM ET (1336 GMT)
ExoMars orbiter and EDL demonstrator (ESA) The European Space Agency said faulty components will force it to delay the launch of its ExoMars mission from January to March of 2016. ESA said it will remove a pair of pressure transducers in an entry, descent, and landing demonstrator that will be carried to Mars with the ExoMars orbiter. The demonstrator is designed to test landing technologies for the future ExoMars lander mission. Removing the faulty components will force the launch, on a Russian Proton rocket, to shift to March, but the spacecraft will still arrive at Mars in October as previously planned. The faulty components are part of a defective batch that also affects several other ESA missions, although none of the other missions are facing launch delays as a result.

Plan allows for human Mars missions in 2030s
Posted: Wed, Apr 8 8:39 AM ET (1239 GMT)
A new proposal discussed at a recent workshop would allow human missions to Mars in the 2030s without a major increase in NASA's budget....

MAVEN detects unusual aurora, dust cloud
Posted: Sat, Mar 21 9:39 AM ET (1339 GMT)
NASA's MAVEN Mars orbiter has detected an dust cloud in the planet's upper atmosphere as well as an unusual aurora, scientists reported this...

Mars One delays missions by two years
Posted: Fri, Mar 20 7:27 PM ET (2327 GMT)
A private venture with the long-term goal of sending humans to Mars on one-way missions has pushed back its timeline by two years....

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