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Astronauts install ISS truss segment
Posted: Fri, Oct 11, 2002, 8:47 AM ET (1247 GMT)
STS-112 EVA #1 (NASA) The crew of the space shuttle Atlantis, including two spacewalking astronauts, successfully installed a segment of the International Space Station's truss Thursday. Astronauts used the station's robot arm to move the S1 truss segment from the shuttle's cargo bay to its designated position next to the S0 truss segment on the station. Once the truss segment latched into place, astronauts David Wolf and Piers Sellers conducted a seven-hour spacewalk to work on the new truss segment. The two attached power, data, and fluid cables between the S0 and S1 segments, installed a new S-band antenna, set up a cart on the truss for moving people and equipment along its exterior, and installed a new camera. The spacewalk took about a half-hour longer than planned because of several minor technical glitches. the crew has a light schedule Friday, with several hours off before working to transfer supplies between the shuttle and station. Wolf and Sellers will perform another EVA on Saturday to perform several miscellaneous tasks outside the station.
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