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News briefs: December 13
Posted: Fri, Dec 14, 2001, 8:07 AM ET (1307 GMT)
  • A new entrant has emerged in the competition for the first television show to send a contestant into space, according to an Entertainment Weekly article. Phil Gurin, executive producer of the game show The Weakest Link, has secured exclusive rights to Russia's cosmonaut training center as well as a Soyuz flight in October 2002. A partner of Gurin told the magazine that two networks are interested in the show and that plans will come together in the next two weeks.
  • Two remote sensing business developments took place Thursday. Macdonald Dettweiler and Associates (MDA) announced it would purchase EarthSat, a Maryland company that sells imagery and information derived from satellites, for $30 million. Space Imaging announced significant reductions in the price of its imaging products from its Ikonos spacecraft, with cuts as large as 50% in some cases.
  • A depression in Nebraska is likely not a crater from an asteroid impact, scientists recently reported. The Bartak Depression was originally described as an impact crater, perhaps as little as 1,000 years old, when first identified in 1992. However, University of Nebraska researchers now believe the depress was created by wind erosion.
  • A partial solar eclipse will be visible across much of North America Friday afternoon. In the United States over 60% of the Sun will be eclipsed in south Florida, while New England will miss out on the eclipse entirely. The full annular eclipse, where only a small ring, or annulus, of the Sun remains, will be visible in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
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