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H3 launches Japanese Earth science satellite
Posted: Sun, Jul 7 4:44 PM ET (2044 GMT)
H3 launch of ALOS-4 (JAXA) An H3 rocket launched a Japanese Earth science satellite June 30. The H3 lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center at 11:06 pm EDT (0306 GMT July 1) and deployed the Advanced Land Observing Satellite-4 (ALOS-4) into a sun-synchronous orbit. ALOS-4, built by prime contractor Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, carries a phased array type L-band synthetic aperture radar that is an improvement over the one on ALOS-2. The launch was the second successful flight of the H3 after a launch in February that carried a test payload and two smallsats. The inaugural launch of the rocket last year, carrying ALOS-3, failed.

Chinese rocket stage breaks loose in static-fire test
Posted: Sun, Jul 7 4:36 PM ET (2036 GMT)
A static-fire test of a new Chinese launch vehicle became very dynamic Sunday. The booster for Space Pioneer's Tianlong-3 rocket broke free of its moorings during the test and ascended. The engines shut down and the stage crashed back to Earth 50 seconds after it took off, about 1.5 kilometers from the test site, with no casualties reported. Space Pioneer was conducting its test as a buildup to an orbital launch of the Tianlong-3, a vehicle with performance similar to the Falcon 9. The company, which raised $207 million earlier in the month, said there was a structural failure in the connection between the rocket and the test bench.

China launches communications satellite
Posted: Sun, Jul 7 4:33 PM ET (2033 GMT)
China launched a communications satellite June 29. A Long March 7A lifted off from the Wenchang Space Launch Site at 7:57 am EDT (1157...

Starliner to remain at ISS well into July
Posted: Sun, Jul 7 4:31 PM ET (2031 GMT)
NASA and Boeing are keeping the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft at the International Space Station for the foreseeable future to conduct more tests. In a...

Eumetsat switched weather satellite launch from Ariane 6 to Falcon 9
Posted: Sun, Jul 7 4:28 PM ET (2028 GMT)
Eumetsat will launch its next weather satellite on a Falcon 9 rather than an Ariane 6, a move that stunned European space officials. The weather...

Saturday, July 20
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San Antonio Express-News — 9:09 pm ET (0109 GMT)
Elon Musk faces backlash over Boca Chica's 'Starbase, Texas' rebrand
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Republican Party platform goes all in on space exploration
Washington Examiner — 9:07 pm ET (0107 GMT)
ISRO Chairman S Somanath earns PhD in Engineering from IIT-Madras
Moneycontrol India — 8:57 pm ET (0057 GMT)
Peter Theisinger, ‘titan of Mars program’ at JPL, dies at 78
Pasadena Star-News — 8:53 pm ET (0053 GMT)
Starliner timeline: How 2 Texans ended up not 'stuck' in space
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NASA dedicates Johnson Space Center building to Dorothy Vaughan
Houston Chronicle — 8:51 pm ET (0051 GMT)
ESA Gets Go Ahead to Begin Work on Apophis Mission — 8:50 pm ET (0050 GMT)
Nelson: Apollo 11 United the Country in 1969, Artemis Will Too — 8:49 pm ET (0049 GMT)
CSA Releases Human Analog Studies Opportunity
Ars Technica — 8:48 pm ET (0048 GMT)

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