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North Korea launches reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Sat, Nov 25 8:30 AM ET (1330 GMT)
Chollima-1 North Korean launch, Nov 2023 (KCNA) North Korea appears to have successfully placed a reconnaissance satellite into orbit after two failed attempts earlier this year. A Chollima-1 rocket lifted off from the Tongchang-ri launch site at 8:42 am EST (1342 GMT) Tuesday and placed into orbit a reconnaissance satellite called Malligyong-1, according to North Korea's state-run news service. South Korean and U.S. officials later confirmed that the launch was successful, but had no information about the health of the satellite. North Korea attempted two launches in May and August, also carrying spysats, but both failed to reach orbit. South Korean officials believe this launch was successful because of technical assistance from Russia after North Korea agreed to sell it munitions. Japan, South Korea and the U.S. all condemned the launch for violating United Nations resolutions banning space launches by North Korea because they could be used to advance development of long-range missiles.

Falcon 9 launches Starlink satellites
Posted: Sat, Nov 25 8:25 AM ET (1325 GMT)
SpaceX launched another set of Starlink satellites early Wednesday. A Falcon 9 lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 2:47 am EST (0747 GMT) and placed 23 Starlink satellites into orbit. The launch was delayed by nearly four hours, but SpaceX did not disclose a reason for the delay.

MDA wins contract for satellite constellation
Posted: Sat, Nov 25 8:24 AM ET (1324 GMT)
Canada's MDA has won a $131 million contract from an unidentified customer for a satellite constellation. MDA said the the contract will allow the...

SpaceX launches second Starship/Super Heavy
Posted: Thu, Nov 23 8:06 AM ET (1306 GMT)
SpaceX launched the second Starship/Super Heavy test flight Saturday, achieving several key milestones while falling short of full success. The vehicle lifted off from...

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites
Posted: Thu, Nov 23 8:00 AM ET (1300 GMT)
Besides launching Starship, SpaceX conducted two Falcon 9 Starlink launches over the weekend. One Falcon 9 lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 12:05...

Friday, December 1
Korea's first homegrown spy satellite to lift off on Friday
JoongAng Daily — 6:31 am ET (1131 GMT)
Professors collaborate with NASA to lower cost of space travel
Baylor Univ. Lariat — 6:25 am ET (1125 GMT)
Scottish spaceport proposes smaller rocket launch site for habitats
The National (Scotland) — 6:24 am ET (1124 GMT)
USU alumna and NASA astronaut Mary Cleave dies at 76
Cache Valley (UT) Daily — 6:21 am ET (1121 GMT)
ESA Targets Summer 2024 Launch for First Ariane 6 — 6:19 am ET (1119 GMT)
Taking climate action with Earth observation
ESA — 6:17 am ET (1117 GMT)
Meteorites likely source of nitrogen for early Earth
Kyoto Univ. — 6:14 am ET (1114 GMT)
Air Force Awards UTEP Grant to Safeguard Assets in Space
Univ. of Texas El Paso — 6:12 am ET (1112 GMT)
Blue Origin nearing New Glenn milestones ahead of debut flight — 6:07 am ET (1107 GMT)
New asteroid named after fossilised ‘baby’
Cosmos Magazine — 6:06 am ET (1106 GMT)
Newly discovered exoplanet should be too big to exist
Cosmos Magazine — 6:06 am ET (1106 GMT)
ESA Director General: Ariane 6 aiming for summer 2024 debut
Spaceflight Now — 6:01 am ET (1101 GMT)

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