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Reused Falcon 9 launched GPS satellite
Posted: Fri, Jun 18 5:32 PM ET (2132 GMT)
A SpaceX Falcon 9 launched a GPS satellite Thursday on the first National Security Space Launch (NSSL) mission to fly a reused booster. The rocket...

China launches reconnaissance satellites
Posted: Fri, Jun 18 5:30 PM ET (2130 GMT)
China launched another group of classified satellites Friday. The Long March 2C rocket lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China at...

Chinese crew launches to space station
Posted: Fri, Jun 18 5:29 PM ET (2129 GMT)
China's Shenzhou-12 crewed spacecraft docked with the Tianhe space station module early Thursday, hours after launch. Shenzhou-12 and its crew of three...

Spacesuit problem hinders spacewalk
Posted: Fri, Jun 18 5:28 PM ET (2128 GMT)
A spacesuit problem kept astronauts from completing all their tasks on a spacewalk outside the International Space Station Wednesday. NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough encountered a...

Minotaur launches NRO payload
Posted: Fri, Jun 18 5:27 PM ET (2127 GMT)
A Minotaur 1 rocket successfully launched three payloads for the National Reconnaissance Office Tuesday. The Minotaur 1 blasted off at 9:35 am EDT (1335...

Soyuz launches OneWeb satellites
Posted: Sat, May 29 4:36 PM ET (2036 GMT)
A Soyuz rocket launched a set of OneWeb satellites Friday. The Soyuz-2.1b rocket lifted off from the Vostochny Cosmodrome at 1:38 pm...

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites
Posted: Sat, May 29 4:30 PM ET (2030 GMT)
SpaceX launched another set of Starlink satellites Wednesday. A Falcon 9 lifted off at 2:59 pm EDT (1859 GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and...

New lunar rover projects announced
Posted: Sat, May 29 4:27 PM ET (2027 GMT)
Several lunar rover projects, from small robotic ones to those that could carry astronauts, are in development. The Japanese space agency JAXA said Wednesday it...

South Korea signs Artemis Accords
Posted: Sat, May 29 4:26 PM ET (2026 GMT)
South Korea has formally signed the Artemis Accords. NASA said Wednesday that the South Korean government formally signed onto the accords, which outline best practices...

Viasat asks FCC to halt Starlink launches
Posted: Sat, May 29 4:25 PM ET (2025 GMT)
Viasat is asking the FCC to halt Starlink launches as it seeks an environmental review of the constellation. Viasat filed a request with the FCC...

news in brief
Russian cosmonauts perform spacewalk
Posted: Sun, Sep 12 9:40 AM ET (1340 GMT)

China launches communications satellite
Posted: Sun, Sep 12 9:38 AM ET (1338 GMT)

Russia launches reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Sun, Sep 12 9:37 AM ET (1337 GMT)

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