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European coalition to bid on satellite constellation
Posted: Sat, May 6 9:46 AM ET (1346 GMT)
A coalition of Europe's largest space companies are planning to bid on a European Union satellite constellation. The "open consortium" features satellite operators Eutelsat,...

Environmental groups suing FAA over Starship launch license
Posted: Sat, May 6 9:44 AM ET (1344 GMT)
Several environmental groups are suing the FAA over its approval of SpaceX Starship launches from Texas. The groups, in a suit filed Monday in federal...

ESA troubleshooting JUICE radar antenna
Posted: Sat, May 6 9:41 AM ET (1341 GMT)
ESA says it is troubleshooting a deployment issue with one of the instruments on its newly launched mission to Jupiter. The agency said Friday the...

Falcon Heavy launches first ViaSat-3 satellite
Posted: Sat, May 6 9:39 AM ET (1339 GMT)
A SpaceX Falcon Heavy finally launched the first ViaSat-3 satellite and two other spacecraft Sunday night. The rocket lifted off from the Kennedy Space...

Falcon 9 launches second set of O3b mPower satellites
Posted: Sat, May 6 9:37 AM ET (1337 GMT)
A Falcon 9 launched the second pair of O3b mPower satellites for SES April 28. The Falcon 9 lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 6:...

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites
Posted: Sat, Apr 29 11:31 AM ET (1531 GMT)
A Falcon 9 launched a set of Starlink satellites Thursday morning. The Falcon 9 lifted off from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California at 9:...

SpaceShipTwo makes first flight in nearly two years
Posted: Sat, Apr 29 11:29 AM ET (1529 GMT)
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo flew for the first time in nearly two years Wednesday as the company edges closer to commercial service. The company's...

ispace lander crashes on the Moon
Posted: Sat, Apr 29 11:25 AM ET (1525 GMT)
A lander built by Japanese company ispace likely ran out of propellant and crashed on the lunar surface Tuesday. The HAKUTO-R M1 lander was...

Space Force awards SLC-6 at Vandenberg to SpaceX
Posted: Sat, Apr 29 11:22 AM ET (1522 GMT)
SpaceX will take over a launch pad at Vandenberg that had been used by United Launch Alliance. The Space Force said it was assigning Space...

India launches satellites for Singapore
Posted: Sat, Apr 29 11:19 AM ET (1519 GMT)
India launched two satellites for Singapore on April 22. A Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifted off at 4:49 am EDT (0849 GMT) from the...

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Iceye raises $93 million
Posted: Sat, Apr 20 10:28 AM ET (1428 GMT)

NASA seeks revamp of Mars Sample Return program
Posted: Sat, Apr 20 10:26 AM ET (1426 GMT)

NASA confirms ISS debris hit Florida house
Posted: Sat, Apr 20 10:23 AM ET (1423 GMT)

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