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Boeing sues Virgin Galactic over mothership aircraft project
Posted: Sat, Mar 30 10:09 AM ET (1409 GMT)
Boeing and a subsidiary have filed suit against Virgin Galactic over work on a new "mothership" aircraft project. In the suit, Boeing and Aurora Flight...

Soyuz launches to ISS
Posted: Sat, Mar 30 10:07 AM ET (1407 GMT)
A Soyuz spacecraft is on its way to the ISS after launch March 23. A Soyuz-2.1a rocket lifted off at 8:36 am...

Falcon 9 launches Starlink satellites from Florida
Posted: Sat, Mar 30 10:05 AM ET (1405 GMT)
A Falcon 9 launched a set of Starlink satellites March 23. The Falcon 9 lifted off at 11:09 pm EDT (0309 GMT March 24)...

Cargo Dragon mission launches after Soyuz scrub
Posted: Sun, Mar 24 9:57 AM ET (1357 GMT)
A SpaceX cargo Dragon spacecraft launched to the International Space Station hours after a rare scrub of a Soyuz crewed launch. A Falcon 9 lifted...

Electron launches NRO mission
Posted: Sun, Mar 24 9:52 AM ET (1352 GMT)
Rocket Lab conducted an Electron launch for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) early Thursday. The Electron rocket lifted off at 3:25 am EDT (0725...

China launches military weather satellites
Posted: Sun, Mar 24 9:45 AM ET (1345 GMT)
China launched a set of military weather satellites early Thursday. A Long March 2D rocket launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 1:27...

SpaceX plans next Starship for early May
Posted: Sun, Mar 24 9:43 AM ET (1343 GMT)
SpaceX says it could be ready to launch its next Starship mission in early May. Speaking at the Satellite 2024 conference Tuesday, SpaceX President Gwynne...

China launches lunar data relay satellite
Posted: Sat, Mar 23 11:15 AM ET (1515 GMT)
China launched a lunar data relay satellite Tuesday night. A Long March 8 rocket lifted off at 8:31 pm EDT (0031 GMT Wednesday) from...

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites from California
Posted: Sat, Mar 23 11:14 AM ET (1514 GMT)
A Starlink launch Monday evening put on a show for many in the southwestern United States. A Falcon 9 lifted off from Vandenberg Space Force...

Former NASA astronaut Tom Stafford dies
Posted: Sat, Mar 23 11:13 AM ET (1513 GMT)
Apollo and Gemini astronaut Tom Stafford has died. Stafford passed away Monday at the age of 93 after an extended illness. Stafford was selected in...

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Iceye raises $93 million
Posted: Sat, Apr 20 10:28 AM ET (1428 GMT)

NASA seeks revamp of Mars Sample Return program
Posted: Sat, Apr 20 10:26 AM ET (1426 GMT)

NASA confirms ISS debris hit Florida house
Posted: Sat, Apr 20 10:23 AM ET (1423 GMT)

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