STS-100 mission coverage

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m i s s i o n   n e w s   s u m m a r i e s
m i s s i o n   a r t i c l e s

Sunday, August 28

Saturday, August 27
'To Train a Mission': 15 Years Since STS-105 (Part 1)
AmericaSpace — 9:01 am ET (1301 GMT)

Thursday, August 23
Earth Dazzles Returning Astronauts
AP — 10:03 am ET (1403 GMT)
Expedition Two astronauts shuttled back to Earth
Spaceflight Now — 9:53 am ET (1353 GMT)
Station Crew Wobbles Through Return to Normal Gravity — 9:48 am ET (1348 GMT)
Discovery returns crew from Alpha
Florida Today — 9:38 am ET (1338 GMT)
Space station crew home, facing gravitational rigors
Houston Chronicle — 9:37 am ET (1337 GMT)

Wednesday, August 22
Discovery Back Home With Station's Expedition Two Crew
AviationNow — 6:26 pm ET (2226 GMT)
Shuttle returns space station's old crew to Earth
Houston Chronicle — 6:24 pm ET (2224 GMT)
Discovery lands in Florida
CNN — 6:23 pm ET (2223 GMT)

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