STS-110 mission coverage

mission elapsed time:

m i s s i o n   n e w s   s u m m a r i e s
m i s s i o n   a r t i c l e s

Monday, April 17

Saturday, April 15

Sunday, April 21
Space Shuttle Atlantis Returns Home
Voice of America — 10:00 am ET (1400 GMT)

Saturday, April 20
Shuttle Glides Home After Ambitious Mission
New York Times — 9:27 am ET (1327 GMT)
Atlantis astronauts bask in homecoming's spotlight
Houston Chronicle — 9:15 am ET (1315 GMT)
Atlantis ends 11-day Alpha trip
Florida Today — 9:09 am ET (1309 GMT)

Friday, April 19
Atlantis returns to Earth
Spaceflight Now — 4:54 pm ET (2054 GMT)
US Space Shuttle Atlantis lands in Florida
AFP — 4:54 pm ET (2054 GMT)

s h u t t l e   l o c a t i o n
Shuttle map

courtesy Liftoff to Space Exploration

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