STS-113 mission coverage

mission elapsed time:

m i s s i o n   n e w s   s u m m a r i e s
m i s s i o n   a r t i c l e s

Tuesday, December 17
John Herrington's shuttle mission an amazing success
Indian Country Today — 1:24 pm ET (1824 GMT)

Monday, December 9
Space station crew in 'good shape' after landing
Spaceflight Now — 7:16 am ET (1216 GMT)

Sunday, December 8
Shuttle lands in Florida -- finally
UPI — 9:39 am ET (1439 GMT)
U.S. Space Shuttle Makes Safe Landing in Florida
RIA Novosti — 9:34 am ET (1434 GMT)
Endeavour, Three Days Late, Lands in Florida
Reuters — 8:56 am ET (1356 GMT)
Endeavour Makes Delayed Return to Earth
AP — 8:55 am ET (1355 GMT)
Space Shuttle Lands Safely in Florida, 3 Days Late
New York Times — 8:49 am ET (1349 GMT)
US space shuttle lands in Florida
AFP — 8:43 am ET (1343 GMT)
Endeavour lands in Florida after three-day weather delay
Houston Chronicle — 8:37 am ET (1337 GMT)
Endeavour glides home
Florida Today — 8:36 am ET (1336 GMT)

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