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Thursday, July 21
Utah students witness final shuttle flight
Salt Lake Tribune — 8:45 pm ET (0045 GMT)
NASA's still looking up
CNN — 8:44 pm ET (0044 GMT)
W.H.: Space plan means more jobs
POLITICO — 8:42 pm ET (0042 GMT)
Shuttle program’s end means lost jobs
Washington Post — 8:41 pm ET (0041 GMT)
Nasa's shuttle adventure comes back down to earth
The Independent — 8:40 pm ET (0040 GMT)
Perry blasts off on end of shuttle program
CNN — 8:38 pm ET (0038 GMT)
Tiny 'Sprite' Satellites Lifting Off
Investor's Business Daily — 8:37 pm ET (0037 GMT)
Shuttle's over.. What's next for NASA's next generation?
Hampton Roads Daily Press — 8:35 pm ET (0035 GMT)
NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Beams Back New Photo
NASA/JPL — 8:34 pm ET (0034 GMT)
A bittersweet end to the space shuttle program
Miami Herald — 8:34 pm ET (0034 GMT)
Ron Dzwonkowski: As space shuttle program ends, was it worth it?
Detroit Free Press — 8:31 pm ET (0031 GMT)
Damascus man witnesses shuttle landing
The Gazette (Maryland) — 8:30 pm ET (0030 GMT)
End of an era: Space Shuttle program comes to an end
Central Florida News 13 — 8:30 pm ET (0030 GMT)
Shuttle retirement ushers in new era
BBC — 8:29 pm ET (0029 GMT)
Perry, Lawmakers Blast Obama Over Shuttle Retirement
Texas Tribune — 8:27 pm ET (0027 GMT)
Held hostage by more earthly considerations
The Scotsman — 8:26 pm ET (0026 GMT)
After the Space Shuttle
New York Times — 8:24 pm ET (0024 GMT)

news in brief
Starliner crewed test flight delayed again
Posted: Sun, Jun 4 9:16 AM ET (1316 GMT)

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites from Vandenberg
Posted: Sun, Jun 4 9:11 AM ET (1311 GMT)

Crew Dragon splashes down to conclude Ax-2 misison
Posted: Sun, Jun 4 9:09 AM ET (1309 GMT)

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Tuesday, June 6

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