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Thursday, June 10
Was the Space Program Worth the Cost?
New York Times — 5:50 am ET (0950 GMT)
Bezos is just the latest millionaire to go into space
National Geographic — 5:50 am ET (0950 GMT)
Jeff Bezos Has Reached His Final Form
The Atlantic — 5:48 am ET (0948 GMT)
Long-delayed Camden Spaceport decision nears final countdown
The Current (GA) — 5:46 am ET (0946 GMT)
Spaceport signs agreement with US company
Business Cornwall — 5:45 am ET (0945 GMT)
Ingenuity Mars Helicopter completes 7th flight
SpaceFlight Insider — 5:35 am ET (0935 GMT)
Asteroid 16 Psyche Might Not Be What Scientists Expected
Univ. of Arizona — 5:32 am ET (0932 GMT)
Scientists discover new exoplanet with an atmosphere ripe for study
Univ. of New Mexico — 5:29 am ET (0929 GMT)
A study shows the unexpected effect of black holes beyond their own galaxies
Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias — 5:29 am ET (0929 GMT)
Key to Cleaner Combustion? Look to the Stars
LBL — 5:28 am ET (0928 GMT)
OU Astronomers Discover a 'Changing-Look' Blazar
Univ. of Oklahoma — 5:28 am ET (0928 GMT)
Where a star is born
Cosmos Magazine — 5:23 am ET (0923 GMT)
Really big black holes
Cosmos Magazine — 5:23 am ET (0923 GMT)

news in brief
Reused Falcon 9 launched GPS satellite
Posted: Fri, Jun 18 5:32 PM ET (2132 GMT)

China launches reconnaissance satellites
Posted: Fri, Jun 18 5:30 PM ET (2130 GMT)

Chinese crew launches to space station
Posted: Fri, Jun 18 5:29 PM ET (2129 GMT)

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Monday, June 21
FAA Defends SpaceX To Congress
AVWeb — 5:22 am ET (0922 GMT)

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