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News briefs: August 5
Posted: Tue, Aug 6 7:58 AM ET (1158 GMT)
Assembly of the Beagle 2 Mars lander has started in Britain, according to SpaceDaily. The spacecraft is scheduled to be fully assembled and shipped out...

Researchers claim some ALH84001 magnetite formed by bacteria
Posted: Mon, Aug 5 8:38 AM ET (1238 GMT)
A team of scientists has published evidence that one quarter of the magnetite found in Martian meteorite ALH84001 could only have been created organically, the...

News briefs: August 3-4
Posted: Mon, Aug 5 7:55 AM ET (1155 GMT)
EchoStar announced late Friday that it has rescheduled the launch of its EchoStar 8 satellite for August 20. The satellite, a Space Systems/Loral 1300,...

Shuttle launch plans announced
Posted: Mon, Aug 5 7:41 AM ET (1141 GMT)
NASA officials confirmed plans Friday to reschedule the next three space shuttle missions. Under the new schedule, Atlantis will launch on mission STS-112 to...

News briefs: August 2
Posted: Sat, Aug 3 12:10 PM ET (1610 GMT)
The US Senate confirmed the nomination of Frederick Gregory as deputy administrator of NASA late Thursday. Gregory will take office once the President has signed...

Business briefs: August 2
Posted: Sat, Aug 3 11:41 AM ET (1541 GMT)
Italian aerospace company Finmeccanica announced Friday that it was purchasing satellite operator Telespazio from Telecom Italia for 127 million euros (US$125 million) plus 93...

News briefs: August 1
Posted: Fri, Aug 2 10:28 AM ET (1428 GMT)
Satellite data has revealed that the Earth's equator has been bulging for the last several years, for uncertain reasons. The bulge in the Earth'...

NASA ready to resume shuttle mission preparations
Posted: Thu, Aug 1 11:25 PM ET (0325 GMT)
NASA is expected to announce a revised shuttle launch schedule on Friday after determining the best way to fix cracks found in shuttle fuel lines....

Astronomers discover web of gas and dark matter
Posted: Thu, Aug 1 8:55 AM ET (1255 GMT)
Several groups of astronomers have discovered a massive network of filaments of gas that may also be home to much of the dark matter believed...

News briefs: July 31
Posted: Thu, Aug 1 7:45 AM ET (1145 GMT)
Contrary to previous reports, Boeing is not investing in antigravity research, reported Wednesday. A Boeing spokesperson told that the original report,...

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Soyuz upper stage issue may delay first OneWeb launch
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:34 AM ET (1534 GMT)

SSL backs out of satellite servicing program with DARPA
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:31 AM ET (1531 GMT)

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Friday, February 15
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