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News briefs: July 30
Posted: Wed, Jul 31 8:15 AM ET (1215 GMT)
An X-Prize contender has successfully completed its first engine test. The Canadian Arrow team tested a prototype of part of its liquid propellant engine,...

Business briefs: July 30
Posted: Wed, Jul 31 8:02 AM ET (1202 GMT)
Standard and Poors announced Tuesday that it has cut its rating on Orbital Sciences Corporation because of debt concerns. S&P lowered its credit rating...

News briefs: July 29
Posted: Tue, Jul 30 7:53 AM ET (1153 GMT)
A division of Boeing is funding research into antigravity, the BBC reported Monday. The BBC, citing an article in Jane's Defence Weekly, said that...

New observations rule out 2019 asteroid impact
Posted: Mon, Jul 29 10:09 AM ET (1409 GMT)
New observations of a near-Earth asteroid have ruled out any chance that the object will collide with Earth in 2019, as had been reported...

News briefs: July 27-28
Posted: Mon, Jul 29 8:01 AM ET (1201 GMT)
Congressman Dave Weldon (R-FL) is critical of a provision in the Senate version of NASA's budget with the potential to move launches from...

News briefs: July 26
Posted: Sat, Jul 27 11:27 AM ET (1527 GMT)
The inaugural launch of the Atlas has been delayed again, this time because of spacecraft problems. International Launch Services announced late Friday that the August...

NASA approaching resolution of shuttle problem
Posted: Fri, Jul 26 9:14 PM ET (0114 GMT)
NASA shuttle managers said Friday they have found a way to fix the cracks found in fuel lines in all four orbiters, one that would...

News briefs: July 25
Posted: Fri, Jul 26 8:11 AM ET (1211 GMT)
The Senate Appropriations Committee approved Thursday a proposed 2003 budget for NASA that gives the space agency $15.2 billion, $200 million than originally requested....

Business briefs: July 25
Posted: Fri, Jul 26 7:53 AM ET (1153 GMT)
Astrium announced Thursday that it has won a contract to deliver a previously-built communications satellite to a new customer. Hellas-Sat will be delivered...

Proton launches Russian military satellite
Posted: Thu, Jul 25 4:11 PM ET (2011 GMT)
A Proton booster successfully launched a Russian military reconnaissance satellite on Thursday. The Proton-K booster lifted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome at 11:13 am...

news in brief
Final Delta 2 launches ICESat-2
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:41 AM ET (1441 GMT)

Japanese ISS cargo mission launch scrubbed
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:40 AM ET (1440 GMT)

SpaceX to announce new plans for circumlunar trip
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:39 AM ET (1439 GMT)

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Monday, October 15
First Man can't launch past Venom and A Star Is Born at the box office
Entertainment Weekly — 6:11 am ET (1011 GMT)

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