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Astronomers observe life cycle of black hole jets
Posted: Mon, Oct 7 7:16 AM ET (1116 GMT)
Astronomers announced last week that they have observed for the first time the full life cycle of jets of material emitted from the vicinity of...

Astronomers discover new moons around planet, asteroid
Posted: Sat, Oct 5 8:16 AM ET (1216 GMT)
Two groups of astronomers announced this week the discoveries of new moons around the planet Uranus and a main belt asteroid. On Monday astronomers reported...

TDRS-I finally reaches GEO
Posted: Sat, Oct 5 7:59 AM ET (1159 GMT)
A NASA communications satellite launched earlier this year but temporarily stranded in a transfer orbit has finally reached geosynchronous orbit, the space agency announced this...

Russia proposes long-term extension of Baikonur lease
Posted: Fri, Oct 4 12:40 PM ET (1640 GMT)
Russian officials said this week that they were interested in a long-term lease extension that could allow them to continue to use the Baikonur...

Teledesic suspends satellite plans
Posted: Thu, Oct 3 8:13 AM ET (1213 GMT)
Broadband satellite company Teledesic announced Wednesday that it is suspending work on its first two satellites as it considers "alternative approaches" to its business. In...

XM reaches 200,000 subscribers
Posted: Thu, Oct 3 7:50 AM ET (1150 GMT)
XM Satellite Radio passed the 200,000 subscriber mark in the third quarter of 2002, the company announced this week. The company ended the quarter...

Shuttle launch pushed back to Monday
Posted: Wed, Oct 2 10:19 AM ET (1419 GMT)
NASA announced Wednesday morning that the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis will be delayed until Monday because of hurricane precautions being taken at the...

Astronomers create virtual radio telescope
Posted: Wed, Oct 2 8:07 AM ET (1207 GMT)
An international group of astronomers have linked together radio telescopes on three continents to create a virtual telescope with the sharpest resolution of any telescope...

SETI@home reaches 4 million user mark
Posted: Wed, Oct 2 7:49 AM ET (1149 GMT)
SETI@home, a distributed computing project to analyze data obtained from a search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), now has four million users. The project, started...

Shuttle launch delayed at least 24 hours
Updated: Tue, Oct 1 8:14 PM ET (0014 GMT)
Originally Posted: Tue, Oct 1 4:49 PM ET (2049 GMT)
NASA announced Tuesday afternoon that the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis will be delayed at least 24 hours, and perhaps longer, because of the...

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Russia plans to resume crewed Soyuz launches in December
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 9:00 AM ET (1400 GMT)

China launches Beidou satellite
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 8:59 AM ET (1359 GMT)

Dawn mission declared over
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 8:58 AM ET (1358 GMT)

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Wednesday, November 14
Campus to honor Apollo 8
Tarrant County College District Collegian — 5:17 am ET (1017 GMT)

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