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News briefs: January 9
Posted: Thu, Jan 10 10:32 AM ET (1532 GMT)
Loral and the US Justice Department have reached a settlement in an investigation into Loral' involvement in a review of a Chinese launch failure in...

Star birth rates may have peaked in early universe
Posted: Thu, Jan 10 8:20 AM ET (1320 GMT)
The early universe may have featured a "torrential firestorm" of star birth unparalleled in the history of the universe, astronomers reported Tuesday. An analysis of...

News briefs: January 8
Posted: Wed, Jan 9 10:22 AM ET (1522 GMT)
The Japanese space agency NASDA is planning to launch a satellite that will be used to track the migration of whales. The 50-kg satellite,...

O'Keefe, Marburger discuss ISS and space policy
Posted: Wed, Jan 9 8:17 AM ET (1317 GMT)
NASA's new administrator and the President's science advisor both spoke with reporters Tuesday about the status of the space agency and its funding,...

Water blamed for Ariane 5 failure
Posted: Wed, Jan 9 8:01 AM ET (1301 GMT)
Engineers have traced the failure of an Ariane 5 last year to water in an upper stage engine, Space News reported Tuesday. Tests of the...

News briefs: January 7
Posted: Tue, Jan 8 9:48 AM ET (1448 GMT)
New NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe will begin an introductory tour of the agency's field centers this week with a visit Thursday to the...

Brown dwarf, disk discoveries could lead to exoplanet images
Posted: Tue, Jan 8 8:24 AM ET (1324 GMT)
Images of a brown dwarf orbiting a Sunlike star and a protoplanetary disk around a young star could be key steps towards the first direct...

Yohkoh spacecraft in safe mode
Posted: Mon, Jan 7 10:12 AM ET (1512 GMT)
The Yohkoh spacecraft, a Japanese spacecraft designed to monitor the Sun, went into safe mode last month and may not be recovered, according to some...

News briefs: January 5-6
Posted: Mon, Jan 7 9:40 AM ET (1440 GMT)
NASA and the Air Force have reduced security restrictions at Cape Canaveral for the first time since the September 11 terrorist attacks, according to a...

News briefs: January 4
Posted: Sat, Jan 5 10:40 PM ET (0340 GMT)
Sirius Satellite Radio announced plans this week to raise $158 million in a secondary stock offering. The offering will give the company, which will begin...

news in brief
Union accepts contract to end ULA strike
Posted: Sun, May 20 1:41 PM ET (1741 GMT)

Contamination found in SLS core stage tubing
Posted: Sun, May 20 1:40 PM ET (1740 GMT)

Appropriators pass NASA spending bill that funds WFIRST
Posted: Sun, May 20 1:39 PM ET (1739 GMT)

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