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News briefs: May 20
Posted: Tue, May 21 9:07 AM ET (1307 GMT)
A coolant glitch in one ISS module shut down power throughout the station for several hours Sunday, NASA officials reported Monday. Bad data sent by...

ISS oxygen generator repaired
Posted: Mon, May 20 10:04 AM ET (1404 GMT)
The crew of the International Space Station repaired a faulty oxygen generator Saturday, Russian officials said. The Russian Elektron unit, which generates oxygen through electrolysis...

News briefs: May 18-19
Posted: Mon, May 20 9:00 AM ET (1300 GMT)
China plans to launch its first spacecraft to the Moon by 2010, a Chinese newspaper reported Monday. The article in the English-language publication China...

Report blames rain, disrepair for Baikonur roof collapse
Posted: Sat, May 18 10:31 AM ET (1431 GMT)
A preliminary report by a Russian government commission blames heavy rains and poor upkeep for the collapse of the roof a hangar at the Baikonur...

News briefs: May 17
Posted: Sat, May 18 10:11 AM ET (1411 GMT)
South African space tourist Mark Shuttleworth said Friday that he would be interested in flying in space again. Although Shuttleworth didn't say when or...

Arianespace posts wider-than-expected loss
Posted: Fri, May 17 7:54 PM ET (2354 GMT)
Arianespace announced Friday that the company recorded a loss of 193 million euros (US$178 million) in 2001, nearly four times larger than the company...

Decision expected soon on next space tourist
Posted: Fri, May 17 7:39 PM ET (2339 GMT)
A decision on who will be the next space tourist #151; a former NASA official or a pop music star — is expected by the...

Astronomers discover 11 moons of Jupiter
Posted: Fri, May 17 7:59 AM ET (1159 GMT)
Astronomers announced Thursday that they had discovered 11 moons orbiting Jupiter, giving the giant planet a total of 39 natural satellites, more than any other...

News briefs: May 16
Posted: Fri, May 17 7:45 AM ET (1145 GMT)
Asteroid impacts may not have only ended the reign of dinosaurs on Earth, it may have allowed their reign to begin in the first place....

Business briefs: May 16
Posted: Fri, May 17 7:27 AM ET (1127 GMT)
The Air Force is considering adding "significant" new funding to its EELV program, Space News reported Thursday. Air Force undersecretary Peter Teets told reporters that...

news in brief
Final Delta 2 launches ICESat-2
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:41 AM ET (1441 GMT)

Japanese ISS cargo mission launch scrubbed
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:40 AM ET (1440 GMT)

SpaceX to announce new plans for circumlunar trip
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:39 AM ET (1439 GMT)

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Friday, September 21
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