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Shuttle lands in Florida
Posted: Wed, Jul 25 7:39 AM ET (1139 GMT)
STS-104 landing of Atlantis at KSC (NASA) The space shuttle Atlantis completed its mission to the International Space Station Tuesday night with a landing at the Kennedy Space Center. Atlantis touched down at 11:39 pm EDT Tuesday (0339 GMT Wednesday), completing the STS-104 mission. The landing had been delayed by one day because of clouds and rain, but the weather cooperated on the first of two landing attempts Tuesday night. The elapsed time of the mission was 12 days, 18 hours, and 35 minutes. The next shuttle mission is STS-105, the launch of Discovery on a mission to bring the Expedition Three crew to the station and return the Expedition Two crew to Earth. That mission is scheduled for launch no earlier than August 9.

Weather postpones shuttle landing
Posted: Tue, Jul 24 6:57 AM ET (1057 GMT)
STS-104 patch Poor weather at the Kennedy Space Center Monday night forced NASA to wave off two shuttle landing attempts, keeping Atlantis in orbit an extra day. Atlantis was scheduled to land at KSC at 12:37 am EDT (0437 GMT) Tuesday, but marginal weather conditions, including showers near the landing strip, led shuttle managers to wave off both that attempt and a second attempt at 2:14 am EDT (0614 GMT). NASA will try again Tuesday night, with two landing attempts scheduled for 11:39 pm EDT Tuesday (0339 GMT Wednesday) and 1:15 am EDT (0515 GMT) Wednesday. While the backup landing site at Edwards Air Force Base in California is available, NASA has elected not to activate it yet, since Atlantis can stay in orbit until Thursday.

Weather becoming less of an issue for shuttle landing
Posted: Mon, Jul 23 9:28 AM ET (1328 GMT)
Poor weather is increasingly unlikely to delay the landing of the space shuttle Atlantis late Monday night, officials said early Monday. Atlantis is scheduled to...

Atlantis undocks from space station
Posted: Sun, Jul 22 10:05 AM ET (1405 GMT)
The space shuttle Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station late Saturday after crews completed the installation of a new airlock module at the orbiting...

Astronauts complete third spacewalk outside ISS
Posted: Sat, Jul 21 9:23 AM ET (1323 GMT)
Two shuttle astronauts completed the installation of a new airlock module to the International Space Station during a four-hour spacewalk late Friday night. Astronauts...

Sunday, July 10
Doorway to the Future: 15 Years Since STS-104 (Part 2)
AmericaSpace — 8:05 am ET (1205 GMT)
Doorway to the Future: 15 Years Since STS-104 (Part 1)
AmericaSpace — 8:04 am ET (1204 GMT)

Thursday, July 26
Shuttle causes alarm in Central America
CNN — 10:59 am ET (1459 GMT)

Wednesday, July 25
Space Shuttle Glides To Landing At Kennedy
AviationNow — 9:19 am ET (1319 GMT)
Space Shuttle Returns Safely After 13-Day Mission
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Atlantis Returns to Earth
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Atlantis returns home after delivering station airlock
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Shuttle Atlantis lands at Cape Canaveral
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Atlantis Caps Mission With Starry Night Landing — 9:05 am ET (1305 GMT)
Atlantis returns to Earth after rain delay
Houston Chronicle — 8:53 am ET (1253 GMT)

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