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m i s s i o n   n e w s   s u m m a r i e s
m i s s i o n   a r t i c l e s
Atlantis lands at KSC
Posted: Fri, Oct 18 1:35 PM ET (1735 GMT)
STS-112 landing (NASA/KSC) The space shuttle Atlantis landed at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Friday morning, bringing the 11-day STS-112 mission to a successful close. Atlantis touched down at 11:44 am EDT (1544 GMT) with no problems reported. Atlantis completed a 10-day, 20-hour mission to the International Space Station, installing the new S1 segment to the station's truss over the course of three spacewalks. The next shuttle mission is tentatively scheduled for November 10, when the shuttle Endeavour lifts off on STS-113, a mission to add a similar truss segment to the station. That mission may be delayed depending on the status of a Soyuz taxi flight that may be delayed from its scheduled October 27 launch because of a Soyuz rocket launch failure earlier this week.

NASA investigating bolt problem with Atlantis launch
Posted: Fri, Oct 18 6:43 AM ET (1043 GMT)
STS-112 launch (NASA/KSC) Shuttle officials are looking into a problem with explosive bolts that failed to fire properly during the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis last week. Only one set of pyrotechnics in ten explosive bolts that hold down the shuttle prior to launch fired when commanded to do so immediately before the solid-propellant boosters fire. All 10 nuts exploded as planned, but NASA officials would like to know why only one set of pyrotechnics in the bolts fired when commanded, instead of both. Shuttle officials said they will need Atlantis back to complete the investigation; the shuttle is scheduled to land shortly before noon Friday. The problem is not expected to delay the launch of Endeavour, currently scheduled for November 10.
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Atlantis undocks from ISS
Posted: Wed, Oct 16 1:15 PM ET (1715 GMT)
The space shuttle Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station on schedule Wednesday morning as the STS-112 mission winds down. Atlantis undocked from the...

Final STS-112 spacewalk completed
Posted: Tue, Oct 15 8:06 AM ET (1206 GMT)
Astronauts wrapped up their work outside the International Space Station on Monday, completing several tasks to finish the integration of a new station truss segment....

Astronauts complete second STS-112 spacewalk
Posted: Sun, Oct 13 11:16 AM ET (1516 GMT)
Two astronauts carried out the second of three spacewalks for the STS-112 mission on Saturday, performing several tasks outside the International Space Station. Astronauts...

Wednesday, October 23

Monday, October 21
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Saturday, October 19
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Friday, October 18
Atlantis returns home; Soyuz launch to station in question
Spaceflight Now — 1:20 pm ET (1720 GMT)

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