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Mir reentry scheduled for March 6
Posted: Fri, Jan 12, 2001, 6:31 PM ET (2331 GMT)
Mir space station Russian officials announced Friday that they plan to deorbit the Mir space station on March 6, reported. An unpiloted Progress spacecraft is scheduled for launch on January 18 to carry out the deorbit maneuvers; it will dock with the station four days after launch (twice as long as normal in order to conserve propellant) and take over attitude control of the station next month. Three thruster burns on March 4 and 5 will gradually lower the station's orbit before a final burn on March 6 puts Mir on course to reenter the Earth's atmosphere over the south Pacific Ocean. Three cosmonauts crews have been selected for an emergency mission to the station, but none will fly unless the Progress fails to dock with Mir or experiences other problems.
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