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News briefs: January 16
Posted: Thu, Jan 17, 2002, 8:46 AM ET (1346 GMT)
  • As expected, European satellite manufacturer Astrium announced a new chief executive Wednesday, Space News reported. Antoine Bouvier will take over as CEO of the company and will be charged with restructuring the company to improve customer satisfaction, according to a statement. Space News reported last week that the move was in the works because Astrium's majority shareholder, EADS, has been dissatisfied with the company's performance.
  • ESA and NASA officials will meet in April or May for high-level discussions about the International Space Station, AFP reported Wednesday. ESA Director Antonio Rodota told reporters he will impress upon the US space agency the need for it to carry through with key station components, including a habitation module and crew return vehicle, needed to support larger crews and more scientific work on the station.
  • Both Israel and Egypt are planning military spacecraft missions, according to reports Wednesday by the Middle East Newswire. Israel has approved a $390 million communications satellite project that will be used to link the nation's three military branches. Egyptian officials also announced they had plans to deploy a reconnaissance satellite, although it was unclear whether they would develop their own satellite for civilian and military remote sensing or rely on images from existing commercial or other governments' satellites.
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