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Saturday, January 27
Deorbiting space tug arrives at Russia's Mir station
Spaceflight Now — 12:10 pm ET (1710 GMT)
The last cargo ship docks with Mir
MSNBC — 12:04 pm ET (1704 GMT)
Mir meets its nemesis
BBC — 12:00 pm ET (1700 GMT)

Friday, January 26
Progress Maneuvers Twice in Approach to Mir
Interfax — 10:44 am ET (1544 GMT)
Russia Promises Safe Dumping of Mir
AP — 9:53 am ET (1453 GMT)
Old cargo ship leaves Mir to make way for new one
Spaceflight Now — 9:50 am ET (1450 GMT)
Putin demands successful Mir scuttling
BBC — 9:37 am ET (1437 GMT)

Thursday, January 25
Russia ponders NASA offer on Mir downing
AFP — 10:37 am ET (1537 GMT)

Wednesday, January 24
Russian Cargo Ship Blasts Off to Guide Mir to Earth
Reuters — 11:14 am ET (1614 GMT)
Mir "burial" mission launched
Spaceflight Now — 11:11 am ET (1611 GMT)
Progress Supply Ship En Route to Deorbit Station — 11:10 am ET (1610 GMT)
Beginning of the end for Mir
CNN — 10:57 am ET (1557 GMT)
Final Mir mission blasts off
BBC — 10:56 am ET (1556 GMT)

Monday, January 22
Mir Gyroscope Malfunction Won't Delay Deorbit — 5:05 pm ET (2205 GMT)
Mir nursed backed to life as Progress prepares for launch
Spaceflight Now — 10:49 am ET (1549 GMT)
Rocket engines used to maintain Mir's pitch, angle
Interfax — 10:48 am ET (1548 GMT)

news in brief
Russia plans to resume crewed Soyuz launches in December
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 9:00 AM ET (1400 GMT)

China launches Beidou satellite
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 8:59 AM ET (1359 GMT)

Dawn mission declared over
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 8:58 AM ET (1358 GMT)

news links
Thursday, November 15
ULA demos Vulcan Centaur rocket assembly, shows new welders
WAAY-TV Huntsville, AL — 5:37 am ET (1037 GMT)
1st Daytime Florida Launch in Months to Bring Heavy Crowds
Spectrum News — 5:35 am ET (1035 GMT)
Humans need Mars as a 'plan B' to avoid extinction, says physicist Michio Kaku
Australian Broadcasting Corporation — 5:31 am ET (1031 GMT)

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