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Thursday, August 4
NASA celebration brief; 2nd repair may be needed
Miami Herald — 6:59 am ET (1059 GMT)
Langley experts vital in mission
Orlando Sentinel — 6:57 am ET (1057 GMT)
A second repair job for Discovery?
ITV — 6:56 am ET (1056 GMT)
'Duct Tape in Outer Space' may be next book
Huntsville Times — 6:53 am ET (1053 GMT)
Looking beyond the shuttle
Denver Post — 6:53 am ET (1053 GMT)
When in need, reach for the duct tape
Cincinnati Enquirer — 6:52 am ET (1052 GMT)
2 Tugs, and the Protruding Strips That Vexed NASA Are Gone
New York Times — 6:42 am ET (1042 GMT)
'04 Report Faulted Application of Shuttle Foam
New York Times — 6:41 am ET (1041 GMT)
Spacewalk to fix damaged blanket a 'remote' possibility
Spaceflight Now — 6:40 am ET (1040 GMT)
Discovery's Damaged Blanket Prompts Wind Tunnel Tests — 6:38 am ET (1038 GMT)
Astronauts unload cargo as NASA ponders spacewalk
Reuters — 6:35 am ET (1035 GMT)
2 easy pieces: Pesky fabric yanked
Orlando Sentinel — 6:34 am ET (1034 GMT)
Spacewalk Resolves One Problem; Damaged Blanket Poses Another
Los Angeles Times — 6:32 am ET (1032 GMT)
Space enthusiasts glued to the tube (on the Web)
Houston Chronicle — 6:23 am ET (1023 GMT)
First fix of its kind made to look effortless
Houston Chronicle — 6:23 am ET (1023 GMT)

news in brief
Soyuz upper stage issue may delay first OneWeb launch
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:34 AM ET (1534 GMT)

SSL backs out of satellite servicing program with DARPA
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:31 AM ET (1531 GMT)

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Friday, February 15
Is Orbex the European SpaceX?
Verdict — 7:08 am ET (1208 GMT)

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