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Thursday, October 5
The World Needs a Terrestrial Sputnik Moment
The Atlantic — 4:02 am ET (0802 GMT)
ASU examines Mars’ moon Phobos in a different light
Arizona State Univ. — 3:59 am ET (0759 GMT)
Spaceport application headed to FAA in December
Commerce City (CO) Sentinel Express — 3:57 am ET (0757 GMT)
Isro satellite can keep tabs on road construction work
The Times of India — 3:55 am ET (0755 GMT)
ISRO Cartosat-2 launch in November to provide 6th eye in sky
Express News Service — 3:54 am ET (0754 GMT)
Simon Ostrach, NASA superstar and CWRU space researcher: Obituary
Cleveland Plain Dealer — 3:54 am ET (0754 GMT)
Is America Facing Another Sputnik Moment?
The New Yorker — 3:53 am ET (0753 GMT)
The Super-Earth that Came Home for Dinner
NASA/JPL — 3:49 am ET (0749 GMT)
Examining Mars' Moon Phobos in a Different Light
NASA/JPL — 3:49 am ET (0749 GMT)
Sentinel-5P sealed from view
ESA — 3:48 am ET (0748 GMT)
High winds scrub launch of NROL-52
SpaceFlight Insider — 3:47 am ET (0747 GMT)
Would Aliens Look Like Us?
NPR — 3:46 am ET (0746 GMT)

news in brief
Falcon 9 launches Dragon to ISS
Posted: Sat, Dec 16 11:28 AM ET (1628 GMT)

Soyuz returns three ISS crewmembers to Earth
Posted: Sat, Dec 16 11:19 AM ET (1619 GMT)

Ariane 5 launches four Galileo satellites
Posted: Sat, Dec 16 11:14 AM ET (1614 GMT)

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Sunday, December 17
Space Florida, Made In Space Forge Financing Agreement
Space Florida — 10:01 am ET (1501 GMT)

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