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Wednesday, November 8
Scientists on new supernova: WTF have we been looking at?
Ars Technica — 9:22 pm ET (0222 GMT)
An experimental SpaceX rocket engine has exploded in Texas
Ars Technica — 9:22 pm ET (0222 GMT)
Star exploded, survived, and exploded again more than 50 years later
Carnegie Institution for Science — 9:16 pm ET (0216 GMT)
Astronomers Discover A Star That Would Not Die
Keck Observatory — 9:16 pm ET (0216 GMT)
A Star That Would Not Die
Univ. of California Santa Barbara — 9:15 pm ET (0215 GMT)
This star cheated death, exploding again and again
Science News — 9:15 pm ET (0215 GMT)
Fractured, watery core key to Enceladus's long-lived ocean
Physics World — 9:13 pm ET (0213 GMT)
SpaceX suffers Merlin engine test mishap
Space News — 9:07 pm ET (0207 GMT)
NASA sets December 2019 date for first SLS launch
Space News — 9:06 pm ET (0206 GMT)
Journey Through Gorgeous Nebulas in New Simulation — 8:30 pm ET (0130 GMT)
First Cat in Space to Receive a Proper Memorial — 8:30 pm ET (0130 GMT)

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SpaceX wins Air Force Falcon Heavy launch contract
Posted: Sun, Jun 24 10:14 AM ET (1414 GMT)

NASA to study turning field centers into FFRDCs
Posted: Sun, Jun 24 10:13 AM ET (1413 GMT)

White House releases near Earth object action plan
Posted: Sun, Jun 24 10:12 AM ET (1412 GMT)

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