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Monday, December 4
Moon’s explosive birth drove iron deep into Earth’s core
New Scientist — 7:19 pm ET (0019 GMT)
Universe’s baby picture wins $3 million
Nature News — 7:18 pm ET (0018 GMT)
Musk says Falcon Heavy rocket will launch Tesla car from KSC
Florida Today — 7:14 pm ET (0014 GMT)
L3 Joins ULA’s Vulcan Centaur Team For Space Race
Aviation Week — 7:11 pm ET (0011 GMT)
Seeking regulatory certainty for new space applications
The Space Review — 4:56 pm ET (2156 GMT)
“Do we want to get to the Moon or not?” (part 1)
The Space Review — 4:54 pm ET (2154 GMT)
Establishing a European NewSpace industry
The Space Review — 4:53 pm ET (2153 GMT)
Review: Soonish
The Space Review — 4:52 pm ET (2152 GMT)
Elon Musk Isn’t Joking About Sending a Tesla to Mars
Bloomberg News — 5:37 am ET (1037 GMT)
Food companies in space race to beef up menu for astronauts
Asahi Shimbun — 5:32 am ET (1032 GMT)
A Tale of 2 Launch Ranges: The Best & Worst of Times
Parabolic Arc — 5:24 am ET (1024 GMT)
Slowing down the stars
Cosmos Magazine — 5:22 am ET (1022 GMT)
Chinese satellite picks up possible dark matter evidence
Cosmos Magazine — 5:22 am ET (1022 GMT)

news in brief
Final Delta 2 launches ICESat-2
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:41 AM ET (1441 GMT)

Japanese ISS cargo mission launch scrubbed
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:40 AM ET (1440 GMT)

SpaceX to announce new plans for circumlunar trip
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:39 AM ET (1439 GMT)

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Monday, October 22

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