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Thursday, December 21
NASA Targets Saturn Moon, Comet For Upcoming Mission — 6:46 am ET (1146 GMT)
Look at all the incredible stuff Nasa did in 2017
Press Association — 6:45 am ET (1145 GMT)
Northrop-Orbital: A Sound Merger In Law And Policy
Breaking Defense — 6:27 am ET (1127 GMT)
Giant Bubbles on Red Giant Star’s Surface
ESO — 6:23 am ET (1123 GMT)
Neutron-star merger creates new cosmic mysteries
Univ. of Sydney — 6:22 am ET (1122 GMT)
Powerful New Tool for Looking for Life Beyond Earth
The Optical Society — 6:20 am ET (1120 GMT)
Mars: Not as dry as it seems
Univ. of Oxford — 6:20 am ET (1120 GMT)
NASA’s next stop will be Titan or a comet
Science News — 12:12 am ET (0512 GMT)
Neutron star collision: what happened next
Cosmos Magazine — 12:11 am ET (0511 GMT)
Wet Mars “doomed from the start”
Cosmos Magazine — 12:11 am ET (0511 GMT)

news in brief
SpaceShipTwo reaches edge of space on latest test flight
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:38 PM ET (1738 GMT)

Russian cosmonauts perform arduous spacewalk to inspect Soyuz
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:36 PM ET (1736 GMT)

Voyager 2 enters interstellar space
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:35 PM ET (1735 GMT)

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Saturday, January 19
Joshua Sokol Wins David N. Schramm Science Journalism Award
American Astronomical Society — 5:06 pm ET (2206 GMT)

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