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Friday, February 2
Distant galaxy group contradicts common cosmological models, simulations
Univ. of California Irvine — 6:12 am ET (1112 GMT)
New study challenges popular theory about dwarf galaxies
Australian National University — 6:11 am ET (1111 GMT)
New technology can help scientists peer into deep space
Australian National University — 6:11 am ET (1111 GMT)
Supermassive black holes can feast on one star per year
Univ. of Colorado — 6:10 am ET (1110 GMT)
Long March 2D launches Zhangheng-1 Earthquake investigator — 6:08 am ET (1108 GMT)
Vista From Mars Rover Looks Back Over Journey So Far
NASA/JPL — 5:43 am ET (1043 GMT)
Mount Sharp 'Photobombs' Mars Curiosity Rover
NASA/JPL — 5:42 am ET (1042 GMT)

Thursday, February 1
Reprint of NASA's Golden Record Takes Home a Grammy — 6:32 pm ET (2332 GMT)
Is space the next frontier for archaeology?
Ars Technica — 6:29 pm ET (2329 GMT)
Amazingly, SpaceX fails to expend its rocket
Ars Technica — 6:28 pm ET (2328 GMT)
Panoramic images show Curiosity’s route on Mars since 2012 landing
SpaceFlight Insider — 6:27 pm ET (2327 GMT)
Satellite galaxies of Centaurus A defy dark-matter model
Physics World — 6:25 pm ET (2325 GMT)

news in brief
FCC chairman endorses SpaceX satellite constellation
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:29 PM ET (2329 GMT)

Soyuz launches Progress after delay
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:27 PM ET (2327 GMT)

NASA budget proposal seeks to cancel WFIRST
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:20 PM ET (2320 GMT)

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Monday, February 19
Rocket Lab's second silver ball will remain on Earth — 4:53 am ET (0953 GMT)

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