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Friday, February 9
Musk explains why SpaceX prefers clusters of small engines
Ars Technica — 6:19 am ET (1119 GMT)
NASA confirms: Its undead satellite is operational
Ars Technica — 6:19 am ET (1119 GMT)
How To Pack A Space Telescope
NPR — 6:06 am ET (1106 GMT)
40-year cosmic theory confirmed
Cosmos Magazine — 6:06 am ET (1106 GMT)
Do massive dark matter "nuggets" lurk in our galaxy?
Cosmos Magazine — 6:06 am ET (1106 GMT)
Satellite Operators Pitch Plan to Share Airwaves
Wall Street Journal — 6:03 am ET (1103 GMT)
How the Government Controls Sensitive Satellite Data
Wired News — 6:00 am ET (1100 GMT)
The Physics of SpaceX's Wicked Double Booster Landing
Wired News — 5:59 am ET (1059 GMT)
Judge rejects motion to dismiss SSL-Orbital ATK suit
Space News — 5:53 am ET (1053 GMT)
ESA awards five smallsat launcher study contracts
Space News — 5:52 am ET (1052 GMT)

news in brief
Soyuz upper stage issue may delay first OneWeb launch
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:34 AM ET (1534 GMT)

SSL backs out of satellite servicing program with DARPA
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:31 AM ET (1531 GMT)

news links
Saturday, February 16
Building a better booster (part 1)
The Space Review — 3:49 pm ET (2049 GMT)
A helping hand for giant telescopes
The Space Review — 3:48 pm ET (2048 GMT)
A space-focused alternative to a Green New Deal
The Space Review — 3:47 pm ET (2047 GMT)
Review: War in Space
The Space Review — 3:46 pm ET (2046 GMT)

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