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SpaceX conducts static-fire test of Starship booster
Posted: Sat, Feb 11 8:23 AM ET (1323 GMT)
SpaceX conducted a static-fire test of nearly all the engines in its Starship booster Thursday. The booster ignited its engines at about 4:14...

SSLV reaches orbit on second launch
Posted: Sat, Feb 11 8:18 AM ET (1318 GMT)
India's Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) reached orbit on its second launch Thursday night. The rocket lifted off at 10:48 pm EST (0348...

Blue Origin wins first NASA contract for New Glenn
Posted: Sat, Feb 11 8:13 AM ET (1313 GMT)
Blue Origin has won the first NASA award for its New Glenn launch vehicle. NASA announced Thursday it selected the vehicle to launch a pair...

SpaceX restricts "weaponized" use of Starlink in Ukraine
Posted: Sat, Feb 11 8:10 AM ET (1310 GMT)
Shotwell also said that Ukraine had "weaponized" Starlink services that SpaceX had provided to the country after Russia's invasion. Shotwell said that after SpaceX...

FCC approves Amazon Project Kuiper plans
Posted: Sat, Feb 11 8:07 AM ET (1307 GMT)
The FCC has approved Amazon's plans to deploy its Project Kuiper broadband constellation. While the FCC gave initial approval for the 3,236-satellite...

SpaceX launches second set of Gen2 Starlink satellites
Posted: Sun, Jan 29 10:04 AM ET (1504 GMT)
SpaceX launched another set of Starlink satellites early Thursday. A Falcon 9 lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 4:32 am EST (0932 GMT), deploying...

Japan launches military reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Sun, Jan 29 10:00 AM ET (1500 GMT)
Japan launched a military reconnaissance satellite Wednesday night. The H-2A rocket lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center at 8:49 pm EST (0149...

Rocket Lab conducts first Electron launch from Virginia
Posted: Sun, Jan 29 9:58 AM ET (1458 GMT)
Rocket Lab conducted its first Electron launch from the United States Tuesday, placing three HawkEye 360 satellites into orbit. The Electron lifted off from the...

NASA and DARPA to collaborate on nuclear thermal propulsion project
Posted: Sun, Jan 29 9:56 AM ET (1456 GMT)
NASA and DARPA will cooperate on a program to demonstrate a nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP) system in space. The agencies announced Tuesday that NASA will...

SpaceX conducts Starship fueling test
Posted: Sat, Jan 28 10:00 AM ET (1500 GMT)
SpaceX performed a fueling test of its Starship launch vehicle Monday. During the test, SpaceX loaded the Starship upper stage and Super Heavy booster with...

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Rocket Lab launches second pair of TROPICS cubesats
Posted: Sat, May 27 11:00 AM ET (1500 GMT)

Virgin Galactic conducts first suborbital spaceflight since 2021
Posted: Sat, May 27 10:56 AM ET (1456 GMT)

South Korea launches eight satellites on KSLV-2
Posted: Sat, May 27 10:52 AM ET (1452 GMT)

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