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Curiosity finds evidence of past flowing water on Mars
Posted: Fri, Sep 28, 2012, 7:50 AM ET (1150 GMT)
Hottah rock on Mars seen by Curiosity (NASA) Scientists with NASA's Curiosity Mars rover mission said Thursday they have found evidence for an ancient streambed within Gale Crater, the latest evidence that liquid water once flowed on the planet's surface. Images from Curiosity reveal the presence of conglomerate rocks, made of stones cemented together in the presence of water. Scientists estimate that the streambed where the rover is once had water flowing up to a meter deep at speeds of up to a meter per second. Previous Mars missions, both orbiters and rovers, had found evidence of past liquid water on Mars, including channels that appeared to be created by flowing water, but scientists said this is the first time they have detected water-transported gravels.
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