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Sunday, November 19
SpaceX launches Saturday but loses booster, Starship
Huntsville Times — 2:56 am ET (0756 GMT)
SpaceX Starship Explodes Though Craft Reached New Milestones
Bloomberg News — 2:55 am ET (0755 GMT)
SpaceX loses Starship rocket after reaching space for first time
The Daily Telegraph — 2:52 am ET (0752 GMT)
Elon Musk’s Starship rocket reaches space for the first time
Financial Times — 2:50 am ET (0750 GMT)
Work at Shetland space port grinds to a halt as bills go unpaid
The Daily Record — 2:48 am ET (0748 GMT)
SpaceX Is Holding Up America's Lunar Ambitions
The Atlantic — 2:44 am ET (0744 GMT)
Second SpaceX Starship launch ends with explosion. What happens next?
National Geographic — 2:43 am ET (0743 GMT)
Starship Gets Further on Second Test, But Still Short of Goal — 2:42 am ET (0742 GMT)
Starship soars to new heights, reaching space for first time
SpaceFlight Insider — 2:36 am ET (0736 GMT)
SpaceX Rocket Test Reaches Milestone—and Ends With Explosion
Wall Street Journal — 2:32 am ET (0732 GMT)

news in brief
SpaceX launches Starlink satellites from Vandenberg
Posted: Sun, Dec 10 11:47 AM ET (1647 GMT)

Rocket Lab wins contract to launch South Korean satellite
Posted: Sun, Dec 10 11:44 AM ET (1644 GMT)

Stock tender offer would value SpaceX at $175 billion
Posted: Sun, Dec 10 11:43 AM ET (1643 GMT)

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Sunday, December 10
Stellar winds regulate growth of galaxies
CNRS — 2:45 pm ET (1945 GMT)

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