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Russia launches foreign military satellite
Posted: Sat, Dec 20 12:15 PM ET (1715 GMT)
Strela launch of Kondor-E (Roscosmos) A Russian Strela rocket placed a reconnaissance satellite into orbit on Friday that Russian officials said was for a foreign customer, widely believed to be South Africa. The Strela rocket, a converted SS-19 ICBM, lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 11:43 pm EST Thursday (0443 GMT Friday) and placed the Kondor-E satellite into orbit. The spacecraft, built by NPO Mashinostroyeniya, carries a radar imaging payload. Russian officials said the satellite was built for another nation, but did not disclose the customer. Media reports indicate that South Africa is the customer under a contract it has with the company dating back to 2006.

Soyuz launches four O3b satellites
Posted: Fri, Dec 19 7:22 AM ET (1222 GMT)
Soyuz launch of third O3b satellites (Arianespace) A Soyuz rocket placed four satellites for a communications network into orbit on Thursday. The Soyuz ST-B rocket lifted off from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana at 1:37 pm EST (3:37 pm local time, 1837 GMT) Thursday carrying a third batch of four satellite for O3b Networks. The four satellites separated from the Fregat upper stage nearly two and a half hours later. The four satellites, built by Thales Alenia Space and weighing 700 kilograms each, will provide broadband Internet services from an orbit of nearly 8,000 kilometers. These satellites join four launched in July and four others launched in mid-2013.

SpaceX postpones ISS cargo mission to January
Posted: Fri, Dec 19 7:05 AM ET (1205 GMT)
SpaceX announced Thursday that it is delaying a launch of a cargo spacecraft to early January to address a technical issue with its Falcon 9...

India launches GSLV Mark 3 on successful test flight
Posted: Thu, Dec 18 7:01 AM ET (1201 GMT)
An upgraded version of India's most powerful launch vehicle successfully carried out a suborbital test flight on Thursday. The GSLV Mark 3 rocket, also...

NASA postpones decision on asteroid mission design
Posted: Thu, Dec 18 6:50 AM ET (1150 GMT)
NASA has pushed back a decision on what option it will choose for its planned Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), asking teams at the agency to...

Sunday, December 21
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Indian Express — 11:45 am ET (1645 GMT)
ISRO's unmanned crew module reaches Chennai
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The new space rescue mission: Saving NASA
Houston Chronicle — 11:39 am ET (1639 GMT)
Felicia Chou of Taiwan made PR contact at NASA
Want China Times — 11:34 am ET (1634 GMT)
SpaceX successfully completes static fire test for CRS5 mission
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Planet-hunting telescope to launch on Falcon 9 rocket
Spaceflight Now — 9:31 am ET (1431 GMT)
Active Sun Unleashes Massive Solar Flare — 9:29 am ET (1429 GMT)
Venus Express ends eight year mission
SEN — 9:28 am ET (1428 GMT)
Mars tech: from ion thrusters to laser communications
Christian Science Monitor — 9:27 am ET (1427 GMT)
Colin Pillinger remembered by Monica Grady
The Observer — 9:20 am ET (1420 GMT)
Secure World Foundation's 'Broomfield scale' confronts cosmic threats
Boulder Daily Camera — 9:17 am ET (1417 GMT)

Saturday, December 20
Has SA's Kondor-E now flown?
Politicsweb — 12:01 pm ET (1701 GMT)
Third MUOS Satellite Gets Launch Date
Defense News — 9:25 am ET (1425 GMT)
Gaining space
Indian Express — 9:19 am ET (1419 GMT)

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