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Business briefs: September 16
Posted: Tue, Sep 17 9:03 AM ET (1303 GMT)
Arianespace announced Monday that it has won a contract to launch the Spainsat communications satellite. The Space Systems/Loral spacecraft will be launched by an...

News briefs: September 16
Posted: Tue, Sep 17 8:03 AM ET (1203 GMT)
A Japanese satellite launched last week reached its final orbit this weekend only after using its backup engines. The Data Relay Test Satellite, also named...

News briefs: September 14-15
Posted: Mon, Sep 16 11:17 AM ET (1517 GMT)
The Indian Space research Organization announced Sunday that it has conducted the longest test to date of an indigenously-developed cryogenic engine. The engine, which...

News briefs: September 13
Posted: Sat, Sep 14 12:50 PM ET (1650 GMT)
NASA plans to make a announcement on Monday regarding research activities on the International Space Station, the agency said Friday. According to NASA Watch, Expedition...

News briefs: September 12
Posted: Fri, Sep 13 10:53 AM ET (1453 GMT)
NASA is willing to consider reviving a crew return vehicle (CRV) and other ISS programs that have been victims of budget cuts, the Huntsville Times...

Indian PSLV launches weather satellite
Posted: Thu, Sep 12 10:23 AM ET (1423 GMT)
An Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) successfully launched that nation's first dedicated weather satellite on Thursday afternoon. The PSLV lifted off from the...

News briefs: September 11
Posted: Thu, Sep 12 7:46 AM ET (1146 GMT)
A object recently discovered in a distant orbit around the Earth is most likely a discarded rocket stage, astronomers said Wednesday. The object, given the...

Atlantis moves to launch pad
Posted: Wed, Sep 11 2:26 PM ET (1826 GMT)
The space shuttle Atlantis was rolled out to its launch pad Tuesday in preparation for the first shuttle flight in four months. The shuttle moved...

NASA selects TRW to build space telescope
Posted: Wed, Sep 11 8:16 AM ET (1216 GMT)
NASA announced early Tuesday that it had selected TRW to build a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope that will be named after a former...

News briefs: September 10
Posted: Wed, Sep 11 7:55 AM ET (1155 GMT)
The launch of a Japanese laboratory module for the International Space Station will be delayed by one year, until 2006, reported Tuesday. The...

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Kepler goes into safe mode as fuel runs low
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:43 AM ET (1343 GMT)

Inmarsat rejets EcoStar takeover bid
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:42 AM ET (1342 GMT)

Shuttle-era engine tested for DARPA spaceplane
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:41 AM ET (1341 GMT)

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Friday, August 17
Hey Artists, Stop Putting Shiny Crap Into Space
Gizmodo — 7:14 am ET (1114 GMT)

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