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ISS crew says they'd welcome Tito aboard
Posted: Sat, Mar 31 1:40 PM ET (1840 GMT)
The three members of the Expedition Two crew aboard the International Space Station said Friday they would welcome California millionaire Dennis Tito if visits the...

Solar storms erupt from giant sunspot
Posted: Fri, Mar 30 2:33 PM ET (1933 GMT)
The largest sunspot region in a decade is generating storms that will have at least a modest effect on the Earth for the next several...

Jupiter's radiation belts stronger than expected
Posted: Thu, Mar 29 2:22 PM ET (1922 GMT)
Belts of charged particles surrounding Jupiter are more powerful than previously estimated, a finding that could spell trouble for future spacecraft missions to the giant...

Europe goes on a satellite shopping spree in America
Posted: Thu, Mar 29 11:35 AM ET (1635 GMT)
European companies announced Wednesday a number of deals to purchase American satellites and even entire satellite companies. The biggest of the deals, announced to coincide...

NASA announces new ISS, Hubble repair crews
Posted: Thu, Mar 29 11:09 AM ET (1609 GMT)
NASA this week announced assignments for four new International Space Station crews as well as astronauts that will fly a mission to upgrade the Hubble...

Inaugural GSLV launch scrubbed
Posted: Wed, Mar 28 9:54 AM ET (1454 GMT)
The first launch of a large new Indian rocket has been postponed indefinitely after a fire broke out seconds before liftoff Wednesday. The Geosynchronous Satellite...

ICO and Teledesic pull back from merger plans
Posted: Mon, Mar 26 11:04 AM ET (1604 GMT)
Satellite telecommunications companies Teledesic and New ICO have put off plans to merge, possibly permanently, according to regulatory filings earlier this month. The two companies...

The aftermath of Mir
Posted: Sat, Mar 24 1:04 PM ET (1804 GMT)
Although it has been more than a day since the Russian space station met its fate in a fiery reentry, news about the station continues...

Tito remains confident he will fly to ISS
Posted: Fri, Mar 23 3:54 PM ET (2054 GMT)
American millionaire Dennis Tito said Thursday he still believes Russia will include him on a crew of a Soyuz spacecraft that will fly to the...

Farewell, Mir
Updated: Fri, Mar 23 11:00 AM ET (1600 GMT)
Originally Posted: Fri, Mar 23 7:10 AM ET (1210 GMT)
The Russian space station Mir completed its 15-year mission early Friday with a fiery reentry over the South Pacific Ocean. After two successful deorbit...

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Russia plans to resume crewed Soyuz launches in December
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 9:00 AM ET (1400 GMT)

China launches Beidou satellite
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 8:59 AM ET (1359 GMT)

Dawn mission declared over
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 8:58 AM ET (1358 GMT)

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Wednesday, November 14
Campus to honor Apollo 8
Tarrant County College District Collegian — 5:17 am ET (1017 GMT)

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