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NASA IG criticizes Propulsion Module management
Posted: Thu, Jun 28 7:05 PM ET (2305 GMT)
A report released Wednesday by NASA's Inspector General is highly critical of how the space agency managed the now-cancelled Propulsion Module program for...

Report: Russia planning to revive Buran space shuttle
Posted: Thu, Jun 28 10:32 AM ET (1432 GMT)
In a surprising and puzzling move, Russia is considering reviving its Buran space shuttle to carry equipment and tourists to the International Space Station, according...

Space tourism hearing turns into ISS debate
Posted: Wed, Jun 27 9:44 AM ET (1344 GMT)
A Congressional hearing on the topic of space tourism Tuesday turned into a debate between Dennis Tito and a NASA official about the capabilities of...

SPACEHAB, Space Adventures, entrepreneurs win commercial space awards
Posted: Tue, Jun 26 6:31 PM ET (2231 GMT)
Two companies and two individuals were recognized Monday for their achievements in advancing the commercial space industry. SPACEHAB won the $10,000 Bigelow Prize, awarded...

Japan test flies RLV technology demonstrator
Posted: Tue, Jun 26 12:41 AM ET (0441 GMT)
The Japanese space agency ISAS successfully performed a low-altitude test flight last week of a vehicle designed to test technologies for a future single-...

Astrium and Alcatel to work together on new satellite platform
Posted: Mon, Jun 25 7:47 AM ET (1147 GMT)
Europe's two biggest satellite firms announced plans late last week to collaborate on a new communications satellite platform. Astrium and Alcatel, in conjunction with...

Australia plans funding for island launch complex
Posted: Sat, Jun 23 11:05 AM ET (1505 GMT)
The government of Australia will provide millions of dollars to help build a launch complex for a joint Australian-Russian venture, a government official said...

Atlantis rolled out to launch pad
Posted: Fri, Jun 22 1:54 PM ET (1754 GMT)
The space shuttle Atlantis was rolled out to its launch pad Thursday in preparation for a mission to the International Space Station next month. The...

Solar eclipse seen across southern Africa
Posted: Thu, Jun 21 5:41 PM ET (2141 GMT)
Millions of people in several southern African countries witnessed the first total solar eclipse of the millennium Thursday. Skies darkened along a band extending from...

Cassini mission altered to salvage Huygens data
Posted: Thu, Jun 21 10:22 AM ET (1422 GMT)
The Cassini mission to Saturn will be changed slightly to accommodate communications problems with the Huygens probe that will study the moon Titan, the Associated...

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"Monster" planet puzzles astronomers
Posted: Sun, Nov 5 10:14 AM ET (1514 GMT)

Chairman of House Science Committee to retire
Posted: Sun, Nov 5 10:13 AM ET (1513 GMT)

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