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News briefs: December 21
Posted: Sat, Dec 22 10:15 AM ET (1515 GMT)
Integral Systems announced Friday that it is acquiring Newpoint Technologies, a New Hampshire developer of satellite and terrestrial network systems. Newpoint will continue to operate...

NASA selects two new Discovery missions
Posted: Fri, Dec 21 10:14 PM ET (0314 GMT)
NASA announced late Friday that it has selected spacecraft to explore two large asteroids and search for extrasolar planets as the next missions in the...

Tsiklon launches Russian military satellite
Posted: Fri, Dec 21 2:16 PM ET (1916 GMT)
A Tsiklon-2 booster successfully launched a Russian military satellite early Friday from Baikonur. The rocket lifted off at 11 pm EST Thursday (0400 GMT...

Senate confirms O'Keefe
Posted: Fri, Dec 21 10:41 AM ET (1541 GMT)
The Senate unanimously confirmed the nomination of Sean O'Keefe as the next administrator of NASA Thursday night. The Senate quickly approved the nomination as...

News briefs: December 20
Posted: Fri, Dec 21 10:30 AM ET (1530 GMT)
The NASA Advisory Council announced Thursday that it concurred with the conclusions and recommendations about the International Space Station program made last month by an...

NASA reverses decision on Arecibo radar
Updated: Fri, Dec 21 8:48 AM ET (1348 GMT)
Originally Posted: Thu, Dec 20 10:20 AM ET (1520 GMT)
One day after NASA announced it would end planetary radar work at the Arecibo radio observatory, the agency partially reversed itself, restoring most of the...

News briefs: December 19
Posted: Thu, Dec 20 8:06 AM ET (1306 GMT)
Chinese tracking ships carried out an exercise in mid-December that may be a rehearsal for the third launch of the Shenzhou spacecraft, SpaceDaily reported...

Next two shuttle missions delayed
Posted: Wed, Dec 19 11:24 PM ET (0424 GMT)
The launches of the next two shuttle missions have been delayed one to two weeks, NASA announced Wednesday. The launch of the next shuttle mission,...

News briefs: December 18
Posted: Wed, Dec 19 9:58 AM ET (1458 GMT)
Space Systems/Loral announced Tuesday that it has signed a contract with Japanese company Mobile Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to build a communications satellite for mobile...

Russia, Australia reach spaceport deal
Posted: Wed, Dec 19 8:49 AM ET (1349 GMT)
Russian and Australian officials reached an agreement Tuesday that clears the way for the development of a new spaceport that will launch Russian rockets. The...

news in brief
Soyuz docks with ISS
Posted: Sun, Jun 10 11:12 AM ET (1512 GMT)

Curiosity detects organic molecules and methane cycle on Mars
Posted: Sun, Jun 10 11:10 AM ET (1510 GMT)

Northrop Grumman completes acquisition of Orbital ATK
Posted: Sun, Jun 10 11:09 AM ET (1509 GMT)

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