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NASA approves plans for SpaceX commercial crew test flight
Posted: Sat, Feb 23 5:30 PM ET (2230 GMT)
NASA and SpaceX completed a flight readiness review Friday that allows the company to move ahead with an upcoming uncrewed test of its commercial crew...

SpaceShipTwo flies to the edge of space again
Posted: Sat, Feb 23 5:29 PM ET (2229 GMT)
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo suborbital vehicle flew its highest flight to date Friday and the first to carry more than two people on board. VSS...

SpaceX launches communications satellite, lunar lander
Posted: Sat, Feb 23 5:27 PM ET (2227 GMT)
A SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully launched a communications satellite and lunar lander Thursday night. The Falcon 9 lifted off on schedule at 8:45 pm...

Soyuz launches Egyptian satellite despite upper stage problem
Posted: Sat, Feb 23 5:26 PM ET (2226 GMT)
An Egyptian satellite made it to orbit Thursday despite an apparent problem with its Soyuz rocket. The Soyuz-2.1b rocket launched from the Baikonur...

Hayabusa2 touches down on asteroid
Posted: Sat, Feb 23 5:25 PM ET (2225 GMT)
Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft made a successful touch-and-go landing on the asteroid Ryugu Thursday. Telemetry from the spacecraft indicated that it touched down...

Soyuz upper stage issue may delay first OneWeb launch
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:34 AM ET (1534 GMT)
OneWeb confirmed a Soyuz problem will delay the launch of its first satellites. Greg Wyler, founder and chairman of OneWeb, tweeted that an anomaly with...

SSL backs out of satellite servicing program with DARPA
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:31 AM ET (1531 GMT)
Space Systems Loral (SSL) said Wednesday it was terminating an agreement with DARPA to develop a satellite servicing system. SSL, a division of Maxar Technologies,...

Defense Department to seek to create Space Force within the Air Force
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:28 AM ET (1528 GMT)
Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan confirmed Tuesday that the Pentagon's proposal for the Space Force will place it within the Air Force. Speaking with...

NASA making final bid to restore contact with Opportunity Mars rover
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:25 AM ET (1525 GMT)
NASA is making new, and potentially final, efforts to restore communications with the Mars rover Opportunity. JPL announced January 25 it would send new commands...

Virgin Galactic lays off staff
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:20 AM ET (1520 GMT)
Virgin Galactic confirmed Jan. 25 that it laid off dozens of employees earlier in the month. The company said about 40 employees, roughly five percent...

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Crew Dragon suffered problem with parachutes in recent test
Posted: Sun, May 12 10:53 AM ET (1453 GMT)

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