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Saturday, August 6
Shuttle departs station, risky return awaits
Reuters — 10:16 am ET (1416 GMT)
Astronauts' Families on an Emotional Ride
AP — 10:07 am ET (1407 GMT)
Space Shuttle Undocks From Orbital Outpost
AP — 10:06 am ET (1406 GMT)
Repair to Dent Is Studied in Shuttle Foam Inquiry
New York Times — 10:05 am ET (1405 GMT)
Fuel tank's pre-launch foam repair under scrutiny
Spaceflight Now — 10:04 am ET (1404 GMT)
Discovery does victory lap after departing station
Spaceflight Now — 10:04 am ET (1404 GMT)
Space shuttle Discovery undocks from ISS
RIA Novosti — 10:00 am ET (1400 GMT)
Space shuttle Discovery undocks from space station
Orlando Sentinel — 9:59 am ET (1359 GMT)
Foam fell off area of fixes to Discovery
Orlando Sentinel — 9:58 am ET (1358 GMT)
Discovery begins journey back to Earth
New Scientist — 9:58 am ET (1358 GMT)
NASA Chief Takes On Critics
Los Angeles Times — 9:55 am ET (1355 GMT)
Discovery shuttle undocks from ISS
Itar-Tass — 9:53 am ET (1353 GMT)
Husband, kids and enchiladas will greet commander at home
Houston Chronicle — 9:51 am ET (1351 GMT)
NASA still plans to launch Atlantis in late September
Houston Chronicle — 9:51 am ET (1351 GMT)

news in brief
FCC chairman endorses SpaceX satellite constellation
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:29 PM ET (2329 GMT)

Soyuz launches Progress after delay
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:27 PM ET (2327 GMT)

NASA budget proposal seeks to cancel WFIRST
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 6:20 PM ET (2320 GMT)

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Tuesday, February 20
San Antonio’s SwRI 2017 revenue falls to lowest in seven years
San Antonio Express-News — 4:57 am ET (0957 GMT)
HI-SEAS Crewmember Transported to Hilo Hospital
Big Island (HI) Now — 4:56 am ET (0956 GMT)

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