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Saturday, November 4
Mojave company partners with NASA on lunar cargo deliveries
Bakersfield Californian — 9:38 am ET (1338 GMT)
The SpaceX Booster is Back in Town, Legs Quickly Detached
Universe Today — 9:31 am ET (1331 GMT)
WFIRST astronomy mission faces cuts to contain rising costs
Spaceflight Now — 9:21 am ET (1321 GMT)
Your Bedroom on Mars Will Look a Lot Different — 9:12 am ET (1312 GMT)
Spectrum spat surrounding satellites sizzles softly — 9:05 am ET (1305 GMT)
More Than 2.4 Million Names Are Going to Mars
NASA/JPL — 9:03 am ET (1303 GMT)

news in brief
Final Delta 2 launches ICESat-2
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:41 AM ET (1441 GMT)

Japanese ISS cargo mission launch scrubbed
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:40 AM ET (1440 GMT)

SpaceX to announce new plans for circumlunar trip
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:39 AM ET (1439 GMT)

news links
Friday, October 19
Paul Allen, the Quiet Space Baron
The New Yorker — 6:37 am ET (1037 GMT)

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