STS-107 special report
Long March 11 launches smallsats
Posted: Sat, Jan 20 5:44 PM ET (2344 GMT)
China launched six small satellites on a Long March 11 Friday. The rocket lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 11:10 pm EST Thursday (0410 GMT Friday), the fourth Chinese launch this month. The primary payload was a pair of Jilin-1 high-resolution Earth imaging satellites for Chinese company Chang Guang Satellite. The rocket carried four smaller satellites, including a cubesat developed by a Canadian company, Kepler Communications.

Long March 2D launches reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Sat, Jan 20 5:42 PM ET (2342 GMT)
A Long March rocket launched the third in a series of imaging satellites January 13. The Long March 2D lifted off at 2:10 am EST (0710 GMT) and placed into orbit the LKW-3 satellite. Chinese media said that the satellite, like two others launched last month, will be used for land resources observations, but is likely to have military applications.

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