STS-107 special report
China launches astronomy satellite
Posted: Sun, Dec 20 12:17 PM ET (1817 GMT)
Long March 2D launch of DAMPE (Xinhua) China launched a satellite Thursday to search for dark matter. A Long March 2D rocket lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 7:12 pm EST Wednesday (0012 GMT, 8:12 am Beijing time Thursday) and placed the Dark Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) satellite into a sun-synchronous orbit. The spacecraft, also known as Wukong, will study cosmic rays, seeking potential signatures of dark matter.

China launches communications satellite
Posted: Sat, Dec 12 9:35 AM ET (1535 GMT)
Long March 3B launch of Chinasat-1C (Xinhua) China launched a military communications satellite early Thursday. The Long March 3B rocket lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 11:46 am EST Wednesday (1646 GMT Wednesday, 12:46 am Beijing time Thurdday) and placed the Chinasat-1C satellite into orbit. The satellite is thought to be the second in a series of tactical military communications satellites operating in geostationary orbit.

Wednesday, May 4
US and China eye up European gravitational-wave mission
Nature News — 4:08 am ET (0908 GMT)

Tuesday, May 3
China Manned Space Office Advocates 2031-36 Moon Landing
Aviation Week — 3:36 am ET (0836 GMT)

Monday, May 2
Time for fresh thinking about collaboration in space
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Friday, April 29
Senior officer expects moon visit by 2036
China Daily — 4:16 am ET (0916 GMT)
China aims for manned moon landing by 2036
Reuters — 3:29 am ET (0829 GMT)

Thursday, April 28
China aims to reach Mars in 2021
SpaceFlight Insider — 3:27 am ET (0827 GMT)

Wednesday, April 27
China to Launch Mars Rover in 2020 — 6:01 pm ET (2301 GMT)
Chinese sounding rocket launches
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South China city gears up for satellite tourism
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Tuesday, April 26

Monday, April 25
Activities held across China for 1st space day
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University long-time cradle of space talent
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Life of engineer in Jiuquan Satellite Launch center — 4:41 am ET (0941 GMT)
Xi expects new chapter in aerospace development
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