STS-107 special report
China launches Bediou satellites
Posted: Sat, Feb 17 5:15 PM ET (2315 GMT)
China launched another pair of Beidou navigation satellites early Monday. A Long March 3B rocket lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 12:03 am EST (0503 GMT) and placed the two satellites into medium Earth orbits. The launch was the seventh this year for China and brings the total number of Beidou satellites launched to date to 29.

China launches earthquake prediction satellite
Posted: Sat, Feb 3 4:55 PM ET (2255 GMT)
Long March2D launch of Zhangheng-1, Feb 2018 (Xinhua) China launched an earthquake science satellite and six secondary payloads early Friday. A Long March 2D lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 2:51 am EST (0751 GMT) and placed the Zhangheng-1 satellite into orbit. The spacecraft, also known as the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, is designed to observe any electromagnetic precursors to earthquakes. The rocket also carried two satellites for Satellogic, an Earth-observation company based in Argentina; two technology demonstration satellites built by GomSpace, one of which carries a payload for ESA; and two Chinese cubesats.

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