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Strongest solar storm in over six years heads towards Earth
Posted: Tue, Jan 24, 2012, 7:48 AM ET (1248 GMT)
Solar storm on 2012 January 23 (NASA) The most powerful solar storm since 2005 erupted on the Sun late Sunday, which is expected to trigger a geomagnetic storm at Earth on Tuesday. The M8.7-class solar flare erupted on the Sun at around 11 pm EST Sunday (0400 GMT Monday) and was the strongest recorded since September 2005. Charged particles associated with the flare are expected to reach Earth early Tuesday, creating a geomagnetic storm. That storm could result in bright auroral displays at latitudes lower than normal, and could disrupt some communications. The storm is not expected to pose a risk to the crew of the International Space Station. Solar activity in recent days has created aurorae widely visible from North America and northern Europe.
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Globalstar selects SpaceX to launch satellites
Posted: Sat, Sep 2 9:22 AM ET (1322 GMT)

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites, delays SDA launch
Posted: Sat, Sep 2 9:21 AM ET (1321 GMT)

China launches reconnaissance satellites
Posted: Sat, Sep 2 9:19 AM ET (1319 GMT)

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