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Potential lake seen on Titan
Posted: Wed, Jun 29 8:32 AM ET (1232 GMT)
Scientists studying infrared images of the surface of Titan have discovered what they believe may be a lake of liquid methane near the moon's...

Griffin says shuttle ready for launch
Posted: Wed, Jun 29 8:20 AM ET (1220 GMT)
NASA Administrator Michael Griffin told members of Congress Tuesday that he believes that the space shuttle is ready to return to flight next month, despite...

SpaceX shifts launch schedule, site
Posted: Wed, Jun 29 8:10 AM ET (1210 GMT)
Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has shifted the first launch of its low-cost Falcon 1 small launch vehicle from California to the Pacific because of...

Panel finds NASA falls short on shuttle fixes
Posted: Tue, Jun 28 8:09 AM ET (1209 GMT)
An independent panel reviewing NASA's compliance with recommendations made in the wake of the Columbia accident found that the agency has failed to meet...

Europe approves joint Galileo bid
Posted: Tue, Jun 28 7:59 AM ET (1159 GMT)
The European organization overseeing the Galileo satellite navigation system announced Monday that it has approved a joint bid by two industry consortia that had been...

Proton launches communications satellite
Posted: Sat, Jun 25 6:13 AM ET (1013 GMT)
A Proton rocket successfully launched a Russian communications satellite late Friday. The Proton-K booster lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 3:...

Senate committees approve NASA bills
Posted: Fri, Jun 24 7:37 AM ET (1137 GMT)
Two Senate committees approved Thursday authorization and appropriations bills for NASA. The Senate Appropriations Committee, on a unanimous vote, passed an appropriations bill that includes,...

Sea Launch carries Intelsat satellite into orbit
Posted: Fri, Jun 24 7:28 AM ET (1128 GMT)
A Zenit 3 booster successfully launched a new Intelsat communications satellite early Thursday. The Sea Launch Zenit 3SL lifted off at 10:03 am EDT (...

Planetary Society: Cosmos 1 failure "virtually certain"
Posted: Thu, Jun 23 8:16 AM ET (1216 GMT)
Officials with The Planetary Society, the organization that developed the Cosmos 1 solar sail spacecraft, said late Wednesday that the mission's failure was "virtually...

Hubble sees evidence for exoplanet
Posted: Thu, Jun 23 8:01 AM ET (1201 GMT)
Astronomers said Wednesday that they have detected evidence for an extrasolar planet orbiting a nearby young star. Hubble images of the star Formalhaut, a 200-...

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Kepler goes into safe mode as fuel runs low
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:43 AM ET (1343 GMT)

Inmarsat rejets EcoStar takeover bid
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:42 AM ET (1342 GMT)

Shuttle-era engine tested for DARPA spaceplane
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:41 AM ET (1341 GMT)

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