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Scientists peer into heart of sunspot
Posted: Wed, Nov 7 4:07 PM ET (2107 GMT)
Solar scientists said Tuesday that they now have a better understanding of the structure of sunspots and how they stay together, thanks to data from...

News briefs: November 6
Posted: Wed, Nov 7 8:05 AM ET (1305 GMT)
Lockheed Martin announced Tuesday that it will take a $420 million writeoff in the fourth quarter to cover its investment in troubled broadband satellite venture...

News briefs: November 5
Posted: Tue, Nov 6 10:15 AM ET (1515 GMT)
Tests have begun on an upgraded version of the upper stage engine that failed during an Ariane 5 mission in July, AviationNow reported Monday. About...

ICO and Teledesic break off merger
Posted: Tue, Nov 6 10:07 AM ET (1507 GMT)
Satellite communications companies ICO and Teledesic announced Monday afternoon that they will not merge into a single company. ICO, officially known as New ICO since...

News briefs: November 3-4
Posted: Mon, Nov 5 9:27 AM ET (1427 GMT)
China is planning to launch the third test flight of the prototype of its human spacecraft in the next few months, SpaceDaily reported this weekend....

NASA monitoring hurricane, to keep shuttle on pad
Updated: Sun, Nov 4 4:34 PM ET (2134 GMT)
Originally Posted: Sun, Nov 4 10:28 AM ET (1528 GMT)
Space shuttle managers decided Sunday to keep the shuttle Endeavour on the pad as a major hurricane in the Caribbean should stay clear of the...

News briefs: November 2
Posted: Sat, Nov 3 11:42 AM ET (1642 GMT)
The QuickBird commercial remote sensing satellite launched last month will start taking images in mid-November, reported Friday. Executives with DigitalGlobe, operator of...

Report: current ISS plan "not credible"
Updated: Sat, Nov 3 10:51 AM ET (1551 GMT)
Originally Posted: Fri, Nov 2 4:04 PM ET (2104 GMT)
A report by an independent commission has concluded that the current project plan for the International Space Station is "not credible" and in need of...

Battery problem could threaten Genesis mission
Posted: Fri, Nov 2 11:11 AM ET (1611 GMT)
An overheating battery on NASA's Genesis spacecraft could prevent it from carrying out its mission, Florida Today reported Friday. The battery on Genesis is...

News briefs: November 1
Posted: Fri, Nov 2 10:51 AM ET (1551 GMT)
A committee of the Brazilian Congress approved a treaty Wednesday between Brazil and the US that would permit American launches from a Brazilian facility, but...

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Kepler goes into safe mode as fuel runs low
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:43 AM ET (1343 GMT)

Inmarsat rejets EcoStar takeover bid
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:42 AM ET (1342 GMT)

Shuttle-era engine tested for DARPA spaceplane
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:41 AM ET (1341 GMT)

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